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~Footy v. Fellwalking~

18th June 2010

It's Friday afternoon and the country is getting ready to watch England's World Cup game against Algeria. I've decided that watching our team humiliate a bunch of no-hopers would be no great fun and the bars would be full of jingoistic fans loudly cheering on our heroes. The fells, I decided would be quiet....



Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Place Fell

Place Fell

Use "Rollover" to see the route which I chose. I think I've put the red dots in the right place. I've climbed this fine fell more times than I can recall, but never by this route. It's written up in Wainwright's Book Two, but I'm sure it's not a popular path. I set off towards Side Farm, having left Gillside campsite at 16:20.

Boardale Hause

Boardale Hause

At this stage I thought I might be coming down Boardale Hause, you can see the twin paths leading to/from the hause.

Hartsop Fells

The Hartsop Fells

Quarry area, Place Fell. Arnison Crag is on the right with Hartsop-Above-How next in line.


Quarry Cave

This "cave" is further along the elevated path along Place Fell, than my position in the previous photo. An investigation was called for, enter at your own risk!


From Inside

The entry to the "cave" is awkward, but not what I would call dangerous - mind you - it's very dry at the moment and the rocks could be slippery on a different day. It's quite spacious inside and it's not flooded as the water drains down through another opening onto the fellside.


Rapid Evaporation


Four Walkers and a View for All

I stopped and had a chat with two couples who were sat on this iron bench. They were asking about all the surrounding fells and I think I gave the right answers. What a Place to sit!

Place Fell

The Climb

Look - I put the dots in the right place, there's one still in place.


Arnison Crag

St.Sunday and Subsiduaries

Birk Fell

Birk Fell (on Place Fell)

Place Fell Place Fell
Place Fell Summit
The Trig Point

Previously I've stood on the trig for a commerative photo, but there is now way I can do it on a self-timer, there's no level ground nearby and I can't get up and then look composed in the space of 10 seconds. Place Fell is a firm favourite, it's right up there.

Angletarn Pikes

The Way Ahead

I'm on way to Boardale Hause and that's Angletarn Pikes, middle left. Brotherswater is in view. At Boardale Hause I have arranged to meet Jo Hall and her dogs, Jodie and Amber. Jo is staying at her caravan locally and is also not too bothered about the football match.

Angle Tarn

Angle Tarn

Brock Crags

Brock Crags and Amber

Brock Crags

Brock Crags Summit

Photographers shadows and a fleece of wool. It's 20:30, the second half will be about to start and the national team will be ahead and I'm sure I've made the right choice.

Gray Crag

Gray Crag



Pasture Beck

Pasture Beck



By no means a good photo, but taken at 21:50 and it's been a really fine evening walk. We made our way to The White Lion in Patterdale and sensed something was wrong, the mood was subdued. I ordered a beer and asked the young lady behind the bar for the score. She didn't know, but she knew it had been a draw. Oh dear! They were showing the highlights, which were over in a flash and no goals had been scored. Good Decision Fellwalkers! Thank you, Jo, for the lift back to Gillside.


This sheep is doing the local auditions for a new talent show. Facing first left, then right, she will be singing "Ebony & Ivory".

Walkers: Just me up to Place Fell and with Jo Hall from Boardale Hause onwards.

Time taken: 5hrs 30 minutes over a distance of about 9 miles.

Route: Gillside, Glenridding, Side Farm, up Place Fell as described, Boardale Hause, Angle Tarn (not the Pikes), Brock Crags, down the wall to the path back to Patterdale via Crookabeck and Rooking.

Weather and conditions: Sunny, coolish.

Greetings Count: The four bench sitters.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Drinks in the pub, good pub - subdued atmosphere.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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