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29th March 2011

The weather was a disappointment on this one. As late as the evening before, sunny intervals were suggested for the first half of the day. It wasn't to be. However, we kept dry and the summit was not in cloud.

Grisedale Pike

Grisedale Pike

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Ginger Pickles

Ginger & Pickles

As we arrived in Keswick, I decided it would be a good idea to park at Booths and have a brew in the cafe whilst I studied the map and debated the merits of routes in light of the subdued weather. However just as we arrived, so did a coach. The coach disgorged a full load of slightly older folk and they moved promptly towards the cafe. Bugger! So we headed into Keswick and found this one, see later.

Revelin Moss

Revelin Moss

I decided that there was little virtue in doing the full round of Barf, Lord's Seat and Whinlatter and we headed for Revelin Moss, near Whinlatter Visitor Park. Good News! Apparently someone has nobbled the machine and parking is free once more. The rate for up to 4 hours at WVP up the road is £5.80, so presumably it would have been the same here.


Grisedale Pike from Whinlatter Forest

The route up the fell starts at the WVP and follows the green route up, steeply up to Point 2.


Richard (l) and Karen

The walkers celebrate reaching Point 2. From here it's along the track behind the camera and to the stile which takes walkers on to the fellside.

Grisedale Pike

Grisedale Pike

Grisedale Pike was the first North Western fell that I climbed and the NW area as defined by Wainwright was the last of the seven territories that I set foot upon.


Whinlatter Climb

Karen is pleased with herself for reaching these dizzy heights and managing the steep climb up the fence.


Whinlatter East Top

The top of the fell is a mixture of wild grass and heather, with a bit of bog here and there. The East Top is the highest point on the ridge.


Whinlatter Ridge Walk

Wainwright enthusiasts should note that it is not enough to attain the highest point on Whinlatter fell. Additional effort is required to reach the cairn on the top of the west top, known as Brown How.

Lord's Seat

Lord's Seat from Whinlatter

My original plan had been to park at the foot of Barf and climb said fell along with Lord's Seat and then Whinlatter. I showed Karen the map, which didn't mean a lot ;-), but when I produced the gradient profile, she was less than enthusiastic, so I opted for this shorter out and back, so as to allow a bit of retail therapy in Keswick later on. Effort and reward!


The Summit of Whinlatter Fell, Brown How

A hint of brightness to the south. I wonder how many folk who claim to have "done all the Wainwrights" did not venture to this high point at the western end of the ridge? I bet my bottom dollar that there's quite a few!


Me on top of Whinlatter

Three books completed, four to go. A little sunshine would have been appreciated.



Grey skies. We'd not seen any other fellwalkers, but then a spot of colour appeared on the ridge.

Mr. Red


One other chap was up on the fell at the same time as us. Yesterday on Pendle Hill, when a runner approached with a luminous jacket I said to Matthew "Oh. here comes Mr.Yellow!". After a suitable pause the five year-old asked "How come you know his name?".



Sheep discuss their plans for the afternoon.

Hobcarton End

Hobcarton End


Mrs Chaffinch at the Visitor Centre

We had a brew on the patio at the visitor centre. My friend Dave Dimmock identified the bird for me and the parasitic foot disease is "Bumble Foot".

Love The Lakes

Love the Lakes

We went into Keswick to do some shopping.

I suppose you have to take the rough with the smooth, but I'm never entirely happy when journey time exceeds walk time. Travelling up after 0830 on a weekday is also a bit of a drag, I'm used to empty roads on early starts.

Walkers: Karen and Me.

Time taken: 2hrs over a distance of about 3.5 miles.

Route: Through the Whinlatter Visitor Centre, the green route up to Point 2 on a forest track junction, west to the fence, up the line of the fence and on to the fell, East top, dip, Whinlatter Summit. Same route back.

Weather and conditions: Grey, no wind.

Greetings Count: The Red Man and a few others in the forest.

Richard's Refreshment Review: We had a late breakfast in Ginger & Pickles, Keswick. No frills, good menu and good food. Potter around this corner of Keswick and look at some of the smaller shops, if you have time.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2011 ©

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