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9th May 2010

A few weeks ago we drove to Malham on a Sunday and it was raining, so we turned back. This time the forecast was fair and the ground remarkably dry. We arrived in Malham at 10:00 and soon found somewhere to park and decided on an old favourite, a short walk taking in Janet's Foss and Malham Cove....

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Parking in Malham


I let myself down. We paid £3 to park at the farm just out of Malham on the north side. One motive for this was that I wanted to take a look at the camping facilities for a future visit. The National Park charge £3.50 and the roadside invites £1 into a milk churn for local funds. We walked into Malham village and after a look at the visitor centre, we headed for Janet's Foss.



Malham Woods Janets Foss
Malham Woods
Much-Photographed Barn

Janets Foss

Garlic Woods

I don't think I know anywhere else with so many wild garlic plants. The aroma was quite strong but the cool weather seems to be holding back the flowering. It's a great little wood to walk through and it leads directly to Janet's Foss.

Janets Foss Janets Foss
The Woods
Janet's Foss

I don't think I've ever seen so little water falling into the pool, there was a Dipper dipping at the top of the fall.

Janets Foss

Janet's Foss

We walked up the road to the site of Gordale Refreshments and then up the fields towards Malham Cove, so no Gordale Scar on this walk or in this report. It was so dry underfoot that I chose to do today's walk in trainers, casual or what?

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Malham Cove

Limestone Pavement on top of Malham Cove

Dry Valley

"Very" Dry Valley

Malham Cove

The Pavement ~ Clints and Grikes

The Clints are the rock formations and the Grikes are the gaps. Sadly most grikes seem to have visitors' rubbish in them. Need to know more? Click here.

Falcon Watchers


Every time I look over the edge of the cove, there seems to be folk looking in my direction. I waved and took their photo.

Malham Cove

Malham Cove

Perhaps those of us that live close by take this landscape for granted. It's on our doorstep. But it's a magnificent natural feature and offers everyone a great time if you pay a visit. You can sit at the bottom, go to the top, climb and abseil, watch for birds, paddle, picnic or potter.

Town End Tearoom

Town End Tearoom

We finished the walk and drove to Airton. Here we had lunch in the Town End Tearoom.

Walkers: Karen and Me.

Time taken: 2hrs 20 minutes over a distance of about 4 miles.

Route: Malham to Janet's Foss, up the fields to Malham Cove and down the steps, across the other fields back to the car.

Weather and conditions: Cool, the rare sunny interval, otherwise cloudy.

Greetings Count: Busy.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Town End, see photo above. Plenty of tables, including some outside. Good choice of mid-day meals and cakes. Licensed, warm and comfortable. Plenty of car parking, a few cyclists milling around.



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