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~Rydal Round~

8th August 2010

I'd clearly taken leave of my senses; a trip to the heart of the Lake District on a Sunday in August, leaving home as late as 9am and driving directly into heavy rainfall on a day that the weatherman said would be "the best of the weekend"...

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We parked at Miller Bridge Car Park and parted with £7 for a long stay. I think that this is the most I have ever paid to park anywhere apart from airports. It's painful; usually I arrive early enough to put the car behind Ambleside Park, but not today. There must be a cheaper alternative, but I was in a hurry to get on with things. There was low cloud, but no rain in Ambleside, we decided to fuel up before taking a walk. Walking through this golf course in Ambleside is precarious.

Apple Pie

The Apple Pie

Our first step was to have a bite in here, then Karen wanted to take a look in "Rush" clothes shop, so I loitered and watched life go by in Ambleside.

Dog on shop

Border's Books?

This chap was on guard duty above the bookshop. After shopping, we took the bags back to the car, sorted out the rucksac and set off for Rydal, through the park and up to the main road.

Grey Skies

Grey Skies

Well it looks like another walk under heavy skies; still, such is life, let's get on with it.

Rydal Walk

Rydal Park

We took the easy route to Rydal, apparently there will be sheepdog trials in these fields in a couple of weeks, hence the fences.

Rydal Hall

Rydal Hall

Sundial Grasmere
The Way

After passing Rydal Hall we followed the well-trodden footpath, formerly the "Coffin Route" to Grasmere. Along the way, the weather began to improve and things brightened up.

Rydal Water

Rydal Water

White Moss

White Moss Common Tarn

It may look a little overgrown, but the sign says it's a conservation area and all is well.

Silver How Coffin Stone
Silver How
Coffin Stone
Helm Crag Grasmere
Helm Crag

And so, we reach Grasmere, where I spotted two chaps having mobile phone conversations, were they talking to each other?



Faeryland Tearooms

Faeryland Tearooms

My second visit to this place this year. Great view from the tables and just the job on a summer's day, once the sun is shining.


Grasmere and The Nab

After tea and scones, we continued along the road and then down to the shore path.




Grasmere, Helm Crag and Seat Sandal



At the southern end of Grasmere Lake, plenty of folk were taking it easy and enjoying the sunshine.


Between the Lakes


Karen in the Woods

Rydal Water

Rydal Water

My favourite "little lake", Rydal Water holds many memories from years gone by when family picnics were taken on the shore and we had a dinghy for exploring the lake. Our route takes us down by the shore.

Rydal Water

Rydal Water

I don't suppose it amounts to much, but I've swum to the islands before today. I didn't feel much like doing the same on this occasion.

Ice Cream

Anyone for Ice Cream?

Just the job, a 99 with a flake.


High and Low Pike

The Fairfield Horseshoe is not far away. Last time I was up there it was rather cold.


Changing Skies

Use "Rollover" to see how the sky has brightened during the time we have been away. And, for that matter, how the grass has got darker.

Ambleside Park

Ambleside Park

In the park, next to a tree is a small plaque in memorial to a youngster who died as an infant and his parents are sure he "would have enjoyed this park". I'm sure he would.

Walkers: Karen and Me

Time taken: 5hrs over a distance of approx. 9 miles.

Route: Ambleside, Rydal Park, Coffin Route to Grasmere. A look around and then Faeryland Tearoom, Grasmere Lake, Rydal Water, back road to Ambleside.

Weather and conditions: Grey, improving to bright with sunny intervals and warm.

Greetings Count: Oh Dear. Off the scale.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Breakfast at The Apple Pie in Ambleside was first class, with good food and good service. Afternoon tea at Faeryland Tearooms was just a little less good than last time; the scone was not as good, the butter fridge-cold, the jam came in a small packet. But I'd still go again, it's better than sitting in a stuffy cafe on a fine day.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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