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21st May 2010

A couple of hours to spare in Lakeland and a look at the Northern outpost that is Binsey....



Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Gillside Camping

Camping at Gillside, Glenridding

Simon Baldwin and I met up for our annual Gillside reunion and got there in good time on Friday 21st May, 2010. I suggested a walk up Binsey in the Northern Fells book by A.Wainwright. I would suggest that if he hadn't have written about this fell, I would not have been considering climbing it. But, slowly I'm ticking them off and everyone requires a visit.


Parking at Binsey Lodge

It's 3pm and we park on the roadside near Bisney. I am not really looking foward to the walk; it's hazy, very warm and views in all directions are poor.

Simon on Binsey Richard on Binsey
Simon on Binsey Trig Column
Me on top of Binsey

Well, it didn't take long to get to the top. We tried to liven things up a little and that is reflected by the photos above. Simon strikes a dramatic pose and I hold my Wainwright Guide for the Northern Fells. He (AW) is the reason I'm here, he speaks quite highly of the fell and finds space for eight pages.

Bassenthwaite Lake

A View to Bassenthwaite Lake



On the way back, having looped around on the northern side of the fell, we walked through a wooded area and caught sight of a verdant tree and some little blue flowers in the middle ground. I can't quite imagine walking up this fell again, but who knows?

Gillside BBQ

Tea Time

Walkers: Simon Baldwin and Me

Time taken: 1hrs 30 minutes, over a distance of about 3 miles.

Route: Parking near Binsey Lodge, a direct ascent in a NW direction to the summit and along to the western edge of the fell; then NE to a wall which we followed back to the wooded area before turning and heading S back to the lodge and the car.

Weather and conditions: Hazy and very warm..

Greetings Count: Saw one or two others, but weren't troubled by greetings.

Richard's Refreshment Review: We cooked our own tea on the BBQ back at the tent and then took a walk to Patterdale and had a couple of drinks at The White Lion.

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