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11th May 2010

Visitors to this website who have viewed the Moel Siabod walk may care to note that this short walk took place later on the same day. When I'm away from home and the weather and location is this good, there is little to be gained by going back to the tent or B&B and putting my feet up. Warning: this place offers absolutely stunning scenery, viewers may be inclined to drop what they're doing and book a holiday.

Moel Hebog

Moel Hebog

This seems like a good opportunity to tell visitors about my first mishap of the holiday. I packed up the car and decided that the rucksac would not fit in the boot, so it would go on the passenger seat. I unpacked at the B&B and only then realised that my rucksac was still at home, complete with some walker's essentials, such as compass, whistle, torch, spare phone battery and emergency Mars Bar.

The Moel Siabod walk was completed with a small borrowed rucksac, new compass and less kit than usual. Moving on, here's some photos and notes on Beddgelert....

Afon Glaslyn

Afon Glaslyn

Afon Glaslyn comes into the village from Eastern flanks of Snowdon. Beddgelert (pronounced Bethgelert, but you knew that, didn't you?) sits at the confluence of Afon Glaslyn and Afon Colwyn, both draining off Snowdon.

Beddgelert Houses

Cottages in Beddgelert

Afon Glaslyn

Afon Glaslyn and Yr Aran

The footpaths follow either side of the river and a shortish loop is made possible by crossing the new footbridge, below. Here, I'm looking back up the river and I was walking on the right side as you look. Yr Aran (The High Place) is the higher peak in the background. I'm carrying on down the river to Pont Aberglaslyn.

Afon Glaslyn Bridges

The New Bridges

When I was a young boy, we had family holidays in this area and I vividly remember seeing the old railway bridge and my father telling me how trains used to run down the gorge.

River Walk

The River Walk

Along with the reinstatement of the railway line, the river footpath has been repaired and upgraded. Again, I'm looking back and you can just make out the railway line up on the right.

River walk Aberglaslyn Pass
via ferrata
Aberglaslyn Pass

The Aberglaslyn Pass

On the left, you can see hand holds to aid walkers; on the right you may just about be able to see the dark entrance to the Aberglaslyn Tunnel (centre left) and on the right is the roadway.

Welsh Highland Railway

The Welsh Highland Railway

Quite unexpectedly, a train appeared from the tunnel and headed up the gorge. If I'd known it was due, I would have found somewhere better to stand and take the photo. Presently the trains go through the tunnel, just for the ride. They return without allowing passengers to join or alight the train from the temporary terminus at Hafod y Llyn. Link time: WHR

Welsh Highland Line Afon Glaslyn
Into the Tunnel
Down by the River

Afon Glaslyn

Short Tunnel

Aberglaslyn Bridge

From Pont Aberglaslyn

This is a place where walkers can turn back and enjoy it all again, or they can head over the hill and make their way to Sygun. I went a little further to a secluded area where not many folk will reach. Friend and fellow fellwalker Gary Richardson has done the circuit including Sygun Copper mine. There's a link at the bottom of the page, you don't want distracting just now, do you?

Afon Glaslyn

The River and Pont Aberglaslyn


Bird in the Woods


Buzzard (probably)

On the way down the river, I spotted a buzzard, buzzarding high up in the air. Now on the way back, one buzzard is up in the sky and this one is taking it easy. Can anyone identify the bird in the woods, the crafty fellow would not turn side-on for easier identification. I crossed the footbridge and made my to the grave of Gelert, please have a tissue handy, and maybe, your reading glasses.

Gelert's Grave Gelert's Grave
Gelert's Grave
The Details

Near By should surely be one word, nearby. This is what the tourists come to see, a bit like the elusive monster in Loch Ness, it gets the tills ringing.



This scene reminded me of the Chinese "Terracotta Army", there's a certain uniformity.

Enjoy the walk

Enjoy Your Walk (?)

Lyn's Cafe

Lyns Cafe

Lyns Cafe, Lyn's Cafe? It matters. Nice place, see RRR later.

Moel Hebog

Last Look

A last look back at the village before making my way to the car. Whether or not it qualifies as such, this is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Mix it with some industrial heritage and ancient folklore and it's a place not to be missed.

Old Bridge

The "Old" Bridge c. 1974

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 3hrs 15 mins including time in the Cafe. Distance of about 3 miles altogether. It can't be hurried.

Route: Beddgelert to Pont Aberglaslyn and back.

Weather and conditions: Sunny

Greetings Count: Quite a few other sojourners.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Lyn's Cafe above. Very good menu, table inside and out. Friendly staff, prompt service.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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