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~Sharp Haw~

2nd April 2011

Eshton Hall

Eshton Hall

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Crookrise Wood

Crookrise Wood

I accepted an invitation to walk with David Dimmock on territory new to me close to Gargrave in N.Yorks. The walk started with 500ft of ascent and finished with 300ft of ascent, hills, villages, farms and the canal inbetween. Josie Dimmock and Liz Lemal made up the walking party.

Sharp Haw

Sharp Haw

One of the many hills in Yorkshire that you might not know. 357m on the map, 1171ft. above sea level.

Sharp Haw

Sharp Haw Summit

It was rather windy and cool up here, the weatherman has promised brightening skies. Rough Haw is our next target, it's over there beyond the wall. Next one up, bring a pot of white paint.

Rough Haw

Rough Haw Top

That's the fellwalking done for today, it's all downhill from here. Apart from the last bit.

Rough Haw


Broken rockface on Rough Haw, our route takes us to the right and then down towards Flasby.

Sharp Haw

Sharp Haw

Looking back to Sharp Haw, we're on our way to Flasby.

Fell Gathering

Large Group

Cheeerful, colourful bunch led by a flourescent-jacketed guide.



Flasby is a seldom seen village, only we saw more than enough of it as our guide led us the wrong way, then handed the map to me as he feared he had mislaid his glasses, probably somewhere on the moorland we had descended from. So it was out of Flasby and then back into Flasby and then along the path to Eshton Bridge.

The Haws Field Walkers
Two Haws
Field Walkers
Flasby Hall Trees
Flasby Hall
Tree Lines

Eshton Hall

Eshton Hall

The skies have cleared and the sun is out. Eshton Hall is now made up of private residences, previously it was a nursing home.


The Fields

We had our lunch at the fence, quite warm now and the fields are empty awaiting hungry cattle, as yet in the barns.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Our route took us to the canal for a stretch of level walking.


Eggs For Sale

Eggs at £1 for half a dozen. The producers are in clear view. Couldn't resist, borrowed £1 off Dave and put a box in my ruckscac and the coin in the jar.

Canal Walk

The Canal Walk

Oyster Catchers

Oyster Catchers

A flock of about 40 were taking it easy in the field. Apparently they don't catch oysters.


The Canal

At this point we crossed the canal and headed for Thorlby.

Manor Farm

Manor Farm, Thorlby

The road through Thorlby leads to Stirton and then it climbs back to where we started.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Across the fields is a familiar landmark. Seen head-on, it shows the same sort of profile as when it is viewed from the east.

Sharp Haw

Sharp Haw & Rough Haw

Car parking in view, almost back to the start. The day did brighten up. We saw a weasel and Dave got a photo as I tried to usher it out of the wall, here's a link to his photoset of the same day: DD photos. And click again here for Liz's Photos

Walkers: David and Josie Dimmock, Liz Lemal and me.

Time taken: 5hrs over a distance of about 8.5 miles.

Route: Roadside parking at SD 974 539, Sharp Haw, Rough Haw, Flasby, Eshton Bridge, fields to the canal, Thorlby, Stirton and back up the road to the start point.

Weather and conditions: Cold, grey start breaking up to give a bright, fairly warm day.

Greetings Count: A few solitary walkers early on, then the group and a few folk on the towpath. Generally quiet.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Tea and cake at the Dimmocks, Silsden. Prompt service to the outdoor seating, very good. I repaid my £1, Dave found his glasses at home, he never had them with him on the walk, what's he like?

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