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~Little Mell Fell~

10th April 2011

I had intended to have a walk from the campsite on the last morning of the weekend's trip to Lakeland. However, sore feet dictated a change in plan and my thoughts turned to one of my remaining unclimbed fells. I invited local guide Jo Hall to show me the way to the top of this elusive outpost of the Cumbrian Fells.

Little Mell Fell

Little Mell Fell Summit

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....


The Sky at Stonethwaite

Early morning at Chapel House Farm, Stonethwaite. The charge for a night's camping here is £5, but will rise to at least £6 once the "work on the shower block is completed". One failing of this site is the lack of hot water, or is it a bonus? It keeps the numbers down.


Catbells over Derwentwater

On the way to Little Mell Fell I stopped at Kettlewell for this vista and then went off to find Castlerigg Stone Circle, a place I've not visited before.



Latrigg and Skiddaw from the lane leading to Castlerigg Stone Circle.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Thought to have been built around 3000BC. I'm no expert, but why didn't they put it in the middle of the field, rather than to one side as it happens to be.



I've waited 47 years to pay a visit and by a fluke of timing, the Muppet family from wherever arrived at exactly the same time and started climbing on the rocks and generally disappointing myself and a man with a big lens. There are 38 stones in the outer circle, has anyone else spotted that they've put one next to the wall where the footpath enters from Castle Lane?

Little Mell Fell

Little Mell Fell

The drive from the A66 and Matterdale End offers a first look at Little Mell Fell.

Gowbarrow Fell

Gowbarrow Fell

I met Jo at The Hause and we made our way directly up Little Mell Fell. This is not really fellwalking is it? I live on a bigger (not higher) hill, but so do lots of other folk and it's not pretty and nobody has written about it in such a manner as to attract pilgrims from far and wide.

Little Mell Fell

Little Mell Fell Summit 1657ft asl

I first remember talk of Little Mell Fell way back in the 1970's. We had a family holiday at a cottage in Watermillock and Dad pointed out the Mell Fells on a trip around the region. How quaint, thought I. Finally I bag my second Mell Fell and tick off number 212/214.

Little Mell Fell

Me on top of Little Mell Fell

Observant viewers will notice that Book One has lost its cover, ditto Book Four - over use in both cases.

Jo Hall

Jo (l) and Jodie

This veteran of the Mell Fells has her second home nearby and her navigational skills were vital in the quest to find the top.

Great Mell Fell

Great Mell Fell from Little Mell Fell

We took a route away from the summit to the west and then back around to the south for the route back to the car.

Old Park

Old Park

Great Dodd

Great Dodd and Clough Head

Place Fell

Place Fell from Little Mell Fell

Walkers should be aware that the direct route from Gowbarrow Fell to Little Mell Fell is not open access land and plot a walk accordingly. The completion of Book One: The Eastern Fells on the third great day for walking whilst I've been in the area.

Walkers: Jo Hall and Me.

Time taken: 50 minutes over a distance of not a lot.

Route: The Hause, Little Mell Fell, The Hause.

Weather and conditions: Sunny and warm, no wind.

Greetings Count: Disappointingly one, a man with a rain jacket over his shoulder - a pessimist, no doubt.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Nothing to report today.

212 done

2 to go

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2011 ©

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