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~Fellbarrow & Low Fell~

17th July 2021

Crummuck Water

Crummock Water from Low Fell

Mosser Road Mosser Road

Mosser Road

Another very hot and dry day. I was going to park again at Lanthwaite Green and take a wander up Gasgale Gill to see where we might end up. However, the road from Lorton to Buttermere remained closed at Brackenthwaite after yesterday's tragedy in Crummock Water. So, a quick rethink and I parked near the foot of Mosser Road (left) where others park for water fun on and in Loweswater. I have only climbed Fellbarrow once prior to today and it was on a dull day in 2011. I went the wrong way that time and got away with it, you might have thought I wouldn't do it again.....

Burnbank Fell

Burnbank Fell

From the top of Grange Lane you get a great view of Burnbank Fell.

Mosser Lane Wrong Way

More of Mosser Road (or Lane) and then as per last time, I took the farm track which appears just north of Whittern Gill. This is not the way to Fellbarrow and soon we were retracing our steps. I suppose I got away with fence-jumping last time as I was 10 years younger and didn't have a dog with me. So back up the main track and about 250 yards further on there is another point of entry on to the fellside - this is the correct way.

To Fellbarrow

To Fellbarrow

It is true to say that I didn't have the Western Fells by Wainwright with me as I never intended to be in this area on this occasion. It wouldn't have made a lot of difference as he doesn't offer this a route of ascent.

Mosser Fell


On the way from Lorton to Loweswater I had to brake sharply and I quickly recognised the other car driver as Roger Hiley. It was nice to bump into him, or rather avoid bumping into him and I was invited back for a cuppa at the end of the walk, see later.

Fellbarrow Summit

Molly on top of Fellbarrow 1,363ft asl

Mighty hot up here today and the only shelter was on the north side of the trig point. Some fells were left over for the dull days on my original round of Wainwright summits, Fellbarrow and Low Fell were in this category. Not this time! I think when I conducted one review of Lakeland felltop visits, Fellbarrow remained the only one where my only visit had been in cloud, so I think now I can say I've had clear views on all of the "Wainwright" Felltops.

To Low Fell

To Low Fell

The Ridge Route to Low Fell...."an easy walk towards beautiful scenery". All fences on these fells appear to be in good condition.


Molly Low Fell

Molly at the top of Low Fell 1,360ft asl (approx)

Molly is cock-a-hoop at bagging her third new "Wainwright" in two days.



Crummuck Water from Low Fell

Crummock Water from Low Fell

What a view! There is no obvious way off the front of the fell. This is Open Access Land, but such is of limited use if there is private land at the foot of the fell. My map showed a footpath running up from Pottergill and crossing Low Fell en route to Darling Fell and Mosser Road. On the ground, I couldn't find the path in the right place, but a path followed a fence line down the fell and I was left wondering if this was the path shown on the map, but in a slightly different place?

Way Down

The Way Down

Here is one fence which is not in good order. Just when you need some fenceposts to hang on to, you come across a line of rotten ones. This was not much fun. Very steep and full of bracken - hot and insectatious, if that's a word.

Scale Hill Hotel

Scale Hill Hotel



Phew! That was hard work, 700ft of steep descent with bites, stings, slips and entanglements. The woodland boasts no name on the OS map, but a right of way leads along here and down to Foulsyke.

Godferhead Field


Oak Cottage Loweswater

Oak Cottage, Loweswater

Those who knew her well will remember Ann Hiley very fondly. She lost her battle with illness recently and there will be a little remembrance gathering on Rannderdale Knotts on Monday (today is Saturday). I had a cup of tea with Roger and apologised in advance for my absence of Monday. Cake and stuff later and me n' Molly took the short walk back up the road to the car. It came to light that I had left the nearside back door open (the side closest to trees and away from the road). I've had a problem with the car such that the tailgate won't open, so Molly has to climb in via the folded down back seat. Luckily there were no light-fingered folk about!

Walkers: Molly and Me.

Time taken: 3hrs 20mins over a distance of about 6 miles.

Route: Loweswater Lake parking, Mosser Road, Fellbarrow, Low Fell, steep descent to woodland near Foulsyke and so to Oak Cottage.

Weather and conditions: Hot and Sunny!

Refreshments: Tea and cake at Oak Cottage

Campsite: Lanefoot Farm at Thornthwaite near Lake Bassenthwaite. An uncrowded site; the part I was shown to does not allow cars on the grass and this is a good thing as long as there is a space in the car parking areas. Not an over-provision for toilets and showers, but I never had to wait in line. They have a small shop, but I didn't need it. Dogs on leads at all times. I'll go again.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2021 ©

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