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~Boulsworth Hill~

9th May 2020

Molly Boulsworth Hill

Molly - Lad Law (Boulsworth Hill Summit)

The emotions surrounding the pandemic spread of Covid-19 have created a population living in fear of all manner of things. Too many people are dying and have died; businesses are speeding towards a certain demise and nothing will ever be quite the same again. But, we live in a beautiful landscape on the edge of the Southern Pennines and these hills will always be present and provide a much-needed escape from the depressing tv schedules and claustrophobic confines of our own homes. The weather since Mid-March has been predominantly dry and settled; Boulsworth Hill is the closest significant highpoint to our home and offers fantastic views over East Lancashire.

Trawden Recreation Ground

Trawden Recreation Ground

Peter and I meet up at the unlocked and unblocked car park for Trawden Rec. and discuss a route through Wycoller and up to Boulsworth Hill. The countryside remains open and we have travelled a very short distance to enjoy the quiet lanes and vast open spaces that lie ahead. Once the goalposts have been moved, Pendle Hill will be back on the agenda for our weekly climb from Barley or the roadside.

Wycoller Pack Horse Bridge

Wycoller Packhorse Bridge


Clam Bridge

We followed the road route from Trawden Rec. to hear and soon after took the right-fork along a permissive footpath to Turnhole Clough.

Turnhole Clough

Turnhole Clough

I don't think I have or have had the virus, but without being tested, nobody knows. In terms of transmission risk, I come closest to other folk whilst doing my essential shopping, sometimes in the shops you are left believing there is no risk with ignorant people making no effort to distance themselves. Out here, there is no discernable risk, normal rules of good hygiene should keep you safe and the distances between walkers is easily controlled by stepping aside when the need arises.

Turnhole Clough Bridge

Pennine Bridleway

We join the Pennine Bridleway and head south, initially, then west on the undulating track. The bridge allows for cyclists and horseriders to get safely across the beck on this popular upland route.

Pennine Bridleway No Bikes

The Pennine Bridleway meanders and undulates happily off to the west and next joins tarmac at the head of the Thursden Valley (beyond the trees). We turn to the left for Boulsworth Hill on a footpath with a strong message for cyclists. This is Open Access Land and as far as I can tell, cycling is not permitted on the hill. Dog walkers are encouraged to keep to footpaths and under control as there are sheep and ground-nesting birds. Within certain areas, dogs are not permitted either all year round or at nesting times.

Pot Brinks moor

Pot Brinks Moor

It's very warm and we are in shorts and shirt-sleeve order, no jackets required. The runner shows us the way, we stay to the right of the stream and head up to the named features of Great and Little Saucer Stones.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds

The four infant cumulus clouds are all taking the same shape as the heat of the day combines with humidity and the gentle breezes to create some fine sky art. Forgive me if I labour the point, but the views up here on Boulsworth Hill on a fine day are the best in Lancashire. The sheer vastness of the panorama is unsurpassed and the content therein is beautiful.

Colne NHS
Field Art

Well done to Peter for spotting the distant field art, I don't think we really nailed where it is - maybe somewhere above Laneshawbridge. Kelbrook Moor rises beyond Foulridge with Colne in the middle-ground; Trawden is nearer.

Molly Saucer Stones

Molly on Saucer Stones

Molly Lad Law

Molly on top of Boulsworth Hill 1,696ft asl

It has taken about 2hrs and 10mins to get here. Three cyclists passed us just before the summit and just now I have too many other things to worry about to concern myself over the legality of their activity. Another walker sauntered past and then a young couple with their dog joined us (at a safe distance) at the top - now that is positively manic by Boulsworth Hill standards and maybe this should be added to the "hot-spot" list of no-go destinations during the lockdown. The summit is known as Lad Law.

28th April 2020

Molly and I snuck up here from Coldwell on 28th April and saw nobody at all.

Boulsworth Gathering

A Boulsworth Gathering

Moss, the black labrador photobombs our family photo; Peter and Molly pose patiently for the camera.

Abbot Stone


Distant Mountains

Distant Lands

What a view! In the centre of the photo are the southern fells of the Lake District, then Ingleborough to the right and Pen-y-ghent further over.

Descent Route

Off the hill on another of the well-trodden footpaths, bear in mind some of the lower reaches of Boulsworth Hill can be very boggy most of the time and we are taking full advantage of a sustained dry spell. On the right, we have crossed the Pennine Bridleway and are heading into Gilford Clough.

Gilford Clough

Gilford Clough

We passed Alder Hurst Farm and followed the farm access track for a short distance before tracking down to a stream, crossing such and climbing up the other side for Alderbarrow Farm. All the while we have not encountered any cows in the fields, which is good news.

Far Wanless Farm Near Wanless Farm
Far Wanless Farm
Near Wanless Farm

As we got to the "Far" one first, we must have been walking the wrong way round. After "Near", we climb up a farm track to turn towards Higher Stunstead.

Peter and Molly

Peter & Molly

Higher Stunstead

Higher Stunstead

Turn left at the farm buildings and then right and soon enough we were back at the car park.

4 hrs over a distance of about 8 miles; 1,356ft of ascent throughout the walk.

A really fine day with constantly beautiful views of our special corner of East Lancashire where all routes remain open (unlike some car parks) and everyone is welcome, but not all at the same time!

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2020 ©

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