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~Pendle Hill~

30th December 2020

Molly Pendle

Molly on top of Pendle Hill

The final ascent of Pendle Hill for 2020 took place on 30th December. We have kept the count going through the year and the running totals will be revealed at the foot of the page. With only one ascent in April due to Lockdown restrictions and another one in May as the restrictions were lifted, the count is depressed, but it is what it is, or was what it was...

Recent Snow

The unseasonal snowfall has generated much interest in Pendle Hill. I don't recall much snow at all over the last two winters and certainly not at the right time - just now schools are closed for at least one reason and many folk are not working, so it's going to be busy. My car needed some attention and hence we are rather late, start time: 1100hrs....about 3 hours later than I had planned.

Pendle Steps

Slippy Steps

Peter and I are wearing microspikes on our boots, very few other walkers are ready for these conditions and are slipping all over the place.

At the time of our visit, we were in Tier 3 for coronavirus restrictions. To say it's confusing, is an understatement; at least this time around there isn't any restriction on the amount of time one can spend exercising and we are free to move within our Tier zone for such. I think.

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summiteers

The header photo was taken within the 30 seconds or so when nobody else was at the trig point. The group, here, were pushing the boundaries a little, it was bordering on "summit hogging" and they had very little idea that others were waiting their turn.

The Next Lot

Descent Route

The climbers were slipping around like ducks on ice. It's a crazy by-product of the modern social media phenomenom. It all looks too easy on someone else's Instagram or Facebook page, but hills and mountains present all manner of challenges, often quite different to the day before. Microspikes and grips are not expensive and good ones will last for many years - you only need them when there is compacted snow or ice to walk on.

Crowds on Pendle


Never seen it like this at any time in the past; then again we should have been here quite a bit earlier.

The Cauldron

The Cauldron

Debbie runs "The Cauldron" and lives next door at the farmhouse. Opening hours are appended on their Facebook page; the hot drinks menu is thankfully simple. Free range eggs are sometimes available and other local produce. Please take your litter home or use the bins nearby.

53 ascents for the year

653 recorded ascents for me

Molly's on 409

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