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8th September 2019

Seatallan Summit

Seatallan Summit


Church Stile Campsite

It's Sunday morning and we awake to the slight disappointment of a sky full of light cloud and just a few sunny intervals. It was always the plan to ascend Seatallan from the campsite and then see if I felt like continuing on to Haycock for some high level walking. There is a public footpath through the campsite which exits via the gate.

to Gill Farm

to Gill Farm

Thankfully a boggy area has been planked-over. We are heading for Gill Farm and a way onto the fells past Harrow Head.

Gill Farm

Gill Farm

Harrow Head

Harrow Head

Followers of Wainwright's Pictorial Guides may choose to turn to Seatallan 5 and keep that page open for a minute or two as you view a few photographs. In advance of you doing so, I might advise that it could be more interesting to read up on the matter of prorogation in parliament, this is a dull trudge...

Cart track

Cart Track

Up here as far as the top of a wall on the left after Windsor Farm.

Buck Stone

Buck Stone

Nearly one hour later, Molly climbs onto Buck Stone. This is the most exciting thing that has happened on our walk so far. I'm not sure if Molly is panting or yawning.

Cat Bields

The view ahead (left) ahead of Cat Bields. We have just passed another walker who is considering his options at the small cairn.

Seatallan ascent

Seatallan Ascent

It really doesn't get much duller than this in a Lakeland fellwalker's career. A featureless grind up the grassy bank to the summit territory.

Seatallan Summit

Seatallan Summit 2,266ft asl

Well that's my second time up here and quite possibly the last. I can find more positive things to say about Armboth Fell and Mungrisdale Common. There is large pile of stones into which a shelter has been built. The option of a 600ft of descent to be followed by 1,050ft of ascent to Haycock has been ruled out; it's going to be Middle Fell next.

to Middle Fell

to Middle Fell

It's a steep 750ft descent to the boggy hinterland between this fell and the next.

Middle Fell Summit

Middle Fell Summit 1,908ft asl

Ah well, this feels more like a mountain with crags and pools and stuff. It's about 50 minutes since we were on top of Seatallan and I've decided to head for Buckbarrow next which involves some backtracking and then a walk along Greendale Tarn.

Scafells from Middle Fell

The Scafell Massif

A view over to Yewbarrow (left) and the Scafell range.

Greendale Tarn

Greendale Tarn

The path is on the left-hand (east) side; it's boggy on the west side.

Joss Naylors Cairn

Joss Naylor's Cairn

"I don't usually find the time and space to commend a fellrunner. But Joss Naylor is not just a fellrunner, he is a legend, a superhuman, the "King of the Fells". I hope to pass him one day on the fells, shake his hand, take a photo? Cairns are often works of art, maybe there are too many of them, the human influence on our landscape is all around." is exactly what I wrote seven years ago. My sentiments remain as does the hope that I might yet bump into Mr.Naylor one day.

Buckbarrow Summit

Buckbarrow Summit 1,410ft asl

Further away is the cairn on Glade How.

Buckbarrow Descent


From our high vantage point, I can see that the route back has been populated by cows. They were half a field away on the way out. Anyway, with this knowledge, I can plan a route around the hazard.

Wastwater Screes

Wastwater Screes

Back at the road now and a view across to the screes.

Campsite Nether Wasdale

Church Stile Campsite

We return to the campsite.

Dog tired

Dog Tired

That's the spare lead; the two bricks for a bbq, Molly's blankets and my camping clock. I've always wanted to put Middle Fell where it belongs on a walk and today that ambition has been satisfied.

Walkers: Molly and Me.

Time taken: 5hrs 30mins over a distance of about 9 miles.

Route: Church Stile campsite, Gill Farm, Harrow Head, Windsor Farm, Grey Borran, Buck Stone, Seatallan Summit, Middle Fell, Greendale Tarn, Buckbarrow, Gill Beck, Gill Farm, CS Campsite.

Weather and conditions: Dull and dry.

Refreshments: A cup of tea back at the campsite cafe where cakes and light snacks are also available. I discovered here that the two pubs in Nether Wasdale both stopped servign food on Sundays at 4pm; I also studied the weather forecast for Monday morning and then cut my two night stay down to one in order not to get soaked in the morning.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2019 ©

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