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~Oxenhope Circular~

19th October 2019

Leeming Reservoir

Leeming Reservoir


Oxenhope Station The United States Army Transportation Corps S160 Class

Today, Peter R. and I along with Molly are starting a walk from Oxenhope in West Yorkshire. Unknowingly, we stumbled upon the Keighley & Worth Valley's "Beer and Music Festival" with plenty of trains, ale, people and noise. The United States Army Transportation Corps S160 Class "Big Jim" No. 5820 is on duty at 11.30hrs.

Dark Lane Oxenhope

Dark Lane, Oxenhope

I have taken this walk out of the AA book: 50 walks in West Yorkshire, which is part of a fine series of books, most of the walks are viewable on the internet.



The thin blue line in the distance is Leeshaw Reservoir, a feature of the last leg of this walk.

Black Moor Road Dog & Gun Oxenhope
Graveyard - Black Moor Road
Dog & Gun

Guidebook in hand, I lead us up on to the hillside to briefly join the B6141 and leave it at The Dog & Gun for Sawood Lane. A commenter on TripAdvisor recently opined that "Dog" should be removed from the title given that our four-legged friends are not welcome inside the pub. They have a perfectly adequate car park to the left of picture. How come there is always one who is too lazy to park properly and walk 20 yards?

White Moor Lane

White Moor Lane

After passing Coblin Farm, we join White Moor Lane. The tarmac leads to Thornton Moor Reservoir and we follow the track to the right here. Gunshots ring out ahead!

Leeming Reservoir

Leeming Reservoir

The air shaft belongs to the water supply network, Leeming village is down there to the right of the reservoir.

Shooters Sign White Moor Lane
Shooters' Sign
White Moor Lane

Luckily for us, the guns have gone silent; maybe they have run out of ammunition, or gone to the pub for lunch? The sign has been altered by persons unknown, not us I hasten to add.

Transmission Mast

Hill House Edge Lane

This upland moorland road is notable only for the volume of fly-tipped rubbish. We came across two deposits of asbestos roofing and two piles of black bin bags.


Leeming Village



We leave the moorland road and the guide promises that if we follow their instructions we will arrive at The Waggon & Horses Inn on Hebden Bridge Road.

Waggon & Horses

Heading to the Waggon & Horses

Waggon & Horses

We called in for lunch and were not disappointed. Molly was warmly welcommed; sadly she could not return the greeting offered by the boss - her instinctive fear of the unkown overtaking her delight in being given a treat. It's a shame but this is one of her traits and we manage it as well as we can, looking for corners and benches where she can tuck underneath. Great food and service!


I must apologise to the Dog & Gun. Whereas dogs are not allowed in the D&G; nor are horses allowed in the W&H.

Hard Nese Clough

This road runs parallel to Hard Nese Clough (on the left). We are led downhill and to a little footbridge over the water at Rag Clough Beck, sometimes a little difficult to find the paths and navigate. Around the area are conduits for water supplies to travel from one reservoir to the next.


A Conduit

The water channel - maybe still in use, maybe not - runs between the walls and farm access bridges occur at regular intervals.

Outside Lane

Outside Lane

Our walk progressed past some farmhouses in the region of Lowerfold Farm - you might need to take a look at the map to understand the options and many footpaths in the area.

Leeshaw Reservoir

Leashaw Reservoir

A little sunshine would be helpful.

Mill Properties

Converted Mill

Still on Outside Lane and we pass a converted mill which is now living accommodation.

Moor Side Lane

Moor Side Lane

Looking back down and up Outside Lane as we cross Moor Side Lane.

Marsh Cottages
Cottages at Marsh
to Oxenhope

Quiet lanes and rural footpaths lead us back btowards Oxenhope.

Oxenhope Railway Station

British Railways Standard Class 2MT 2-6-0 NO. 78022

Happy revellers at the Beer and Music Festival, Oxenhope.

Walkers: Peter, Molly and Me.

Time taken: 5hrs over a distance of about 6.5 miles. Comfortable dwell time in the Waggon & Horses.

Route: Try the AA guide of 50 Walks in West Yorkshire and follow this walk....

Weather and conditions: Mainly cloudy, a little sunshine early on.

Refreshments: The Waggon & Horses on the Hebden Bridge Road is very good for walkers with a dog. The food is excellent and the staff helpful and friendly. We'll be back!

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2019 ©

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