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~Pendle Hill~

31st January 2019

Pendle from the top of Newchurch

Nah then, it's been a while since I've written a page for this website. So here we go...

23rd January 2019 (Wednesday)

The recent weather pattern seems to have allowed for fine and sunny days during the week, followed by wet and / or misty Saturdays. Christmas to New Year was a pretty drab week with many days of low cloud under a docile high pressure system.

Shetland Pony

Shetland Pony

Our local dog walk includes the view of Pendle seen before this photo and then a walk down this field where there is a mature Shetland Pony, about 27yrs old, I think. At the top of the field is the Marsden Heights trig point.

Pendle Sunrise

Pendle Sunrise 27th January (Sunday)

Snowy Pendle
Snowy Pendle
Misty Valleys

On Thursday 31st January an opportinty arose to climb Pendle on a bright, sunny morning. Cold with mist in the local valleys.

Stang Top

Stang Top

Snowy Steps



Pendle's neighbour to the north looks just as inviting.


Pendle Molly

Molly on top of Pendle

No.299 for Molly, that's 299 times to the top and 299 tasty treats for doing so, or rather a few less than that because I sometimes forget to bring them. No.300 cannot be far away....


The Photographer

This chap had been here since before sunrise, he must have some cracking photos.

Blacko Tower

Blacko (Stansfield) Tower; somewhat enigmatic, everyone sees it, it has no purpose, it's on private land and nobody gets near it - without the tower, this photo might not have been taken, but there it is.


Then on 2nd February...

Molly 300

Molly's 300th

Snow Waffles


Emley Moor Masts

Emley Moor Masts (!)

Yes, two masts, or is it an illusion? Well, it appears that they had to build a temporary second mast to allow all manner of upgrades to the technology on the main mast. Mast enthusiasts are flocking to the site to see the rare phenomenom.

Sunrise 3rd Feb

Sunrise 3rd February

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2019 ©

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