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~Burnbank Fell~

30th June 2018

Cogra Moss

Knock Murton & Cogra Moss

Loweswater Phone Box Mellbreak

The fantastic weather continues, week 7 or maybe 8 now depending on whereabouts in the UK you might be. Will we look back on 2018 in the same way as 1976? Maybe Elton John & Kiki Dee should re-release their super hit of that summer and really get the nostalgic feelings flowing. We parked at the Red Defibrillator Box (no charge) in Loweswater village. Mellbreak dominates the view to the south. What I've got in mind is a circuit of a few relatively low fells and my rucksac is starting off with 3 litres of water for me n' Molly. Walk start time of 07:35hrs.

To the Lake

To Loweswater (lake)

Very quiet here, just past the parking spots at Maggie's Bridge, show me the way, Molly...



After the walk, I was informed of Blue/Green Algae concerns associated with this lake. However, there are no signs and I couldn't see any blooms. Molly went in several times and remains in good health. We walked quite a long way down the western side of Loweswater.

Molly in Loweswater

Molly in Loweswater

This will be the last plentiful water opportunity for some time. There is a little bothy-type building here along with a bench; Molly wanted a little bit more of the water fun, but now is the time to start the climb through Holme Wood.

Holme Force

Holme Force

We climbed straight up by the beck. It's not easy and the bracken along with flies, fern and other stuff made me think we should have stuck to the forest track. Not recommended, there is a feint path made by fools like me, but not a proper way and after all that, a wall and fence greet you at the top.

Holme Beck

Holme Beck

Maybe the obvious way to gain the higher reaches would be to continue straight up the beck, but you don't have to go that way and a far better alternative is the fantastic terrace path along the fell.

Burnbank Terrace

Burnbank Terrace

The view to the north-west seems to go on forever and ever.

Burnbank Fell

Burnbank Fell Ascent

Molly awaits the ball, but in the heat of the day, ball play is not on the agenda. No regrets so far, it is mighty hot but we're in no hurry and the water supplies will come in handy.

Burnbank Fell Summit

Burnbank Fell Summit 1,580ft asl (approx)

My second time up here and Molly's first.

To Blake Fell

To Blake Fell

Blake Fell Summit

Molly on top of Blake Fell 1,878ft asl

Maybe we could have sat in the shelter, but I was on the lookout for a better viewpoint.

Knock Murton

Knock Murton with Cogra Moss

Howzat for a view! Sandwich time at 10:35hrs.

To Gavel Fell, we have the place to ourselves. Elsewhere walkers will be in convoy trailling up big-name fells, but not here!

Gavel Fell

Molly at the top of Gavel Fell 1,720ft asl

All downhill from here; originally I thought we might include Hen Comb but it's just a bit too hot for another one and we will aim for Crummock Water.

Whiteoak Moss

Whiteoak Moss

Usually, this kind of place would be avoided, but all bogs have dried up and whilst it was a bit hummocky in places, a route was found aiming for the watercourses running off Floutern Cop.

Molly finds water and spends a good few minutes in the drink. It's not the Mississippi by any means, but it'll do for now!

Crummock Water

To Crummock Water

Scale Force

Scale Force

Somewhat underwhelming to visit Lakeland's highest waterfall and not be able to get closer due to gully-hogging, but also the lack of water makes it rather disappointing. This chap was watching his daughter climbing up to the next level and he was worried she might fall and get hurt. Molly doesn't mix well with other dogs in tight spaces.

Water in Sight

Rannerdale Knotts

Rannerdale Knotts

Crummock Water

Crummock Water

Shoreline Path

Low Fell

We leave the shoreline path and follow a good path under Dropping Crag (Mellbreak) on the way back to Loweswater. Low Fell dominates the view. We past a few walkers and one even had his jeans on, but generally folk were ready for the weather.

No Through Road

Roads to Nowhere. We are nearly back to the start

Oak Cottage Loweswater

Oak Cottage, Loweswater

Walkers: Molly and Me.

Time taken: 6hrs 30mins over a distance of about 11 miles.

Route: Loweswater Red Defibrillator Box, Maggies Bridge, Loweswater, Holme Beck, Terrace on Burnbank Fell, Burnbank Fell, Blake Fell, Gavel Fell, Whiteoak Moss, Scale Force, Crummock Water, Park Bridge, Kirkstile Inn, Oak Cottage.

Weather and conditions: Sunny and hot!

How many song titles from 1976 did you find in the story above?

1976: Top 100 Songs

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2018 ©

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