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~Bowfell to Pike O'Blisco~

20th August 2017

Crinkle Crags Molly

Molly on a Crinkle Crag

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Old Dungeon Ghyll

The last walk I took in the Lake District was back in March. So, a bit overdue, it's time to take to the fells once again. Parking in the Langdale Valley at the Old Dungeon Ghyll, Molly and I set off for the "The Band" and a way up to the higher reaches of Bowfell and Crinkle Crags.

Langdale Valley

The Band

The Band is the rising fell just right of centre with Crinkle Crags to the left and Bowfell to the right.

Band Bowfell


Maybe the sunshine will persist and the weather forecast of "low cloud on Southern and Western Fells" will be wrong...

Up The Band

Molly on The Big Rock

Walkers of this route will know which rock I am referring to. Pike O'Blisco is over there.

Three Tarns
Three Tarns
Brew Time

The classic view of The Scafells from Three Tarns. There is only one tarn in view here, the other two are elsewhere. Time for a brew and a think...straight up to Bowfell summit or a walk along the Climbers Travers?

Climbers Traverse

Climbers Traverse

With low cloud getting even lowerer and lowerer, it was a no-brainer (hate that non-word) and we found a way from Three Tarns to the Climbers Traverse. Such could be a misnomer because climbers climb and this path avoids the obvious climb up to the top and goes around the base of some of Bowfell's magnificient cliffs.


We are looking for the base of Cambridge Crag where we will climb up the rocky debris alongside Flat Crag and The Great Slab.

Great Slab

The Great Slab

Bowfell Summit

Ah well, low cloud envelops these summits and I may aswell put the camera away. Bowfell Summit is just up there.

Bowfell Molly

Bowfell Summit 2,960ft asl

Another Day

David Hall on Bowfell, January 2012

Here's one to show that there are better days on Bowfell, generally in the winter! David was a great inspiration to me when setting up this website. He (at the time of writing) no longer offers his magnificent website as a resource to all walkers. However, the walks come first and the write-ups are only worth doing if writers enjoy doing such...

Shelter Crags

Molly on Shelter Crags

Fast Foward to The Crinkle Crags. We had to revisit the brew-stop location as I had left a bottle of water there to save carrying the weight up and down Bowfell; Shelter Crags is the name of the first rocky bit of the Crinkle Crags walk - when approaced from the north.


I am going to save us all a bit of effort and speed through the Crinkle Crags bit, come on a clear day.

Crinkle Crags Summit

Molly on top of Crinkle Crags (I think)


Members of the Crinkle Crags Appreciation Society are on their annual get-together.

Bad Step

The Bad Step

The Bad Step Avoidance Plan is brought in to play as the society members choose not to attempt the steep and awkward rock step. Me n' Molly went the long way round on the west side.

To Pike O'Blisco

To Pike O'Blisco

Pike O'Blisco Summit

Pike O'Blisco Summit 2,304ft asl

Not to be taken too lightly, there is a 700ft ascent from the col to reach the summit of this lofty peak. A very rare photo of me and madam together and looking at the camera - usually at least one of us is looking away when whoever is taking the photo presses the shutter.

It's a fairly direct and steep descent down to Blea Tarn Road.

Lingmoor Fell

Side Pike & Lingmoor Fell

Heather enthusiasts will be delighted with this year's crop of "Ling". Same colour as last year which is a shame, pity we can't have a different colour each year. Are you a Daffodil devotee; a Bluebell buff or are you happy with Heather? Personally, there's nothing I like more in this annual flower show than the Rosebay Willowherb alongside the railway embankments through July to late August.


Walkers: Molly and Me.

Time taken: 7hrs 30mins over a distance of about 11 miles.

Route: Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, The Band, Three Tarns, Climbers Travers, Bowfell Summit, Three Tarns, Crinkle Crags, Pike O'Blisco, Wall End Farm, Old Dungeon Ghyll.

Weather and conditions: Mainly dull, but not cold.

Rosebay Willowherb

Another Day in East Lancashire

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2017 ©

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