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~Rannerdale Knotts~

6th October 2015

Rannerdale Summit

Rannerdale Knotts Summit

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Starting Off

The day has brightened up and Karen joins the earlier intrepid duo for a walk up Rannerdale Knotts. Such will beef up Karen's fell count but will do little for my list and Molly's, we've both been here before. But never before on October 6th!

Whiteless Pike

Whiteless Pike

This is a popular area, particularly so when the bracken is at its greenest and those pesky bluebells have declined.

Squat Beck Rannerdale Beck

Mountain Scenery

Sunshine and shade, a fine combination. We are walking up Squat Beck (left); Rannerdale Beck on the right splitting Whiteless Pike and Lad Hows of Grasmoor.


Loweswater Fell

Loweswater Fell enjoys sunshine, but clouds are gathering around the southern and western fells, there's no time to hang around and we take a sneaky shortcut to the fell ridge.

Low Bank

Low Bank

Low Bank hosts the main path leading to the summit of Rannerdale Knotts.

Rannerdale Summit

Molly and Karen at The Summit

of Rannerdale Knotts. This diminuitive peak with a modest height of 1160ft asl is well worth a visit. Easy walking or gentle climbing, depending on which way you ascend and fantastic views.

Crummuck Water

Crummock Water

We walked down the steep way towards Hause Point.


Last Bit

The car parking area is just out of sight to the right (under the crags). In th'old days, the "road" was up here and then they blasted away some rock and took it along the lakeside as it is today.

Crummuck Water

Crummock Water

Walkers: Karen, Molly The Dog and Me.

Weather: Dry and warm.

Time Taken: 1 hour and 35 minutes over a distance of not too much.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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