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~Lord's Seat & Broom Fell~

6th October 2015

Lord's Seat Summit

Lord's Seat Summit (probably)

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Wet Grasmere

Grasmere on Monday Afternoon

The day before the Lord's Seat walk and in the afternoon after the Graystones climb, we parked at White Moss and had a walk as far as Grasmere (above). It rained. But later, it stopped raining and Molly n' me went for a walk into Whinlatter Forest to see what we could see.

Seldom Seen Thornthwaite Seldom Seen Thornthwaite

Seldom Seen, Thornthwaite

From our cottage we could walk directly into the forest up the lane past the houses of "Seldom Seen". I suppose as this is never going to be a route to a felltop, it will remain Seldom Seen.

Comb Gill Dam Comb Beck Dam

Comb Beck Dam

Originally a water supply for the lead mine in Thornthwaite and later fuel for a hydro-electric scheme in the 1930's. The scene is now quite special as the forestry chaps have left it alone and different plants and trees are thriving here, compared with the stark nature of much of the forest.

The Start
The Notice

Tuesday morning and the time is 08:00hrs. The car was parked at the start of the forest track and soon enough we reach a locked gate with a notice thereon. Molly is helping me look for the missing words, but without success.

Rain ahead

Rain Ahead

Ah well, walk on, a bit of rain won't do us any harm.


Aiken Plantation

I missed the turning for the usual ascent of Lord's Seat and decided that a walk through the plantation would lead to a reunion with the path, but this was not as simple as it seemed on the map.


Point A is the correct turn. It is not too easy to see, but that doesn't make it right - I should have found the path and gone that way. At the sheepfold, we headed into the forest with the plan of leaving the woods at Point X - but the trees are so dense, there is no way out. So we walked back down to the bottom of the arrow and got over the fence/wall and climbed to reach the correct path.

The Wall

Up the wall to the stile and then straight up to the fine viewpoint of Lord's Seat.

Lord's Seat Summit

Molly at Lord's Seat Summit

It's not nice. Let's head for Broom Fell. The route was never in doubt with previous experience, a well-worn track and a map and compass.

Broom Fell

Broom Fell Summit

It's equally un-nice. But on the positive side, I'm here and everyone else in the world isn't! Uncrowded tops, just the job.

More Down

Tall, wet bracken is ideal if you want to get your clothes thoroughly wet through.

Wet, Wet, Wet

Wet trees, wet bracken and wet everything else.

The Return

Ah well, at least I didn't need the suncream.

Walkers: Molly The Dog and Me.

Weather: Wet and humid.

Time Taken: 2 hours and 40 minutes over an un-necessarily longer distance than planned. If you decide not to use the Barf route as a way to Lord's Seat, then it is not the easiest of fells to approach directly.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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