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~Pendle Hill~

17th January 2015

Wintry Pendle

Pendle Summit

Pendle View Molly Snowstorm
Pendle from "The Fields"
Wintry on Nelson Golf Course

Not quite a repeat of the previous day's itinerary. In the morning, we had the usual walk across the fields and across the local golf course (sticking to the public footpaths!) and encountered a couple of lively wintry showers. By the afternoon, the frequency of the showers had declined and another walk up our favourite fell was on the agenda.

Pendle Snow


Having parked at the roadside at 14:40hrs and climbed the steps, we found ourselves in a bleak scene on Pendle Hill. Wintry showers queued up to assualt the towns of East Lancashire and the Ribble Valley.

Snow Shower

Snow Shower over Burnley

We had visited the summit and were heading on for a walk down the track, but the skies began to clear and so we backtracked and returned to the trig.

Axes and Crampons

I'm not sure if these three were simply "not taking chances" or perhaps getting used to their equipment. I felt quite safe in my standard footwear ......

Molly on Pendle


Pendle Sunset

Late Afternoon Sunshine

Pendle Top

This walk was perhaps not as good as the previous one, but still worth the effort and I could not see the virtue in driving far on an inclement day like this. One hour and 40 minutes away from the car. The following morning, Molly n' me went for a walk in the mist and went in search of trees, we were not disappointed.

Misty Tree

A Tree

Two Tree

Two Trees

Three Trees

"Three Trees"

Three Trees is (three trees are?) a landmark on the daily dog walk. I really like their simple sycamore symmetry and the mystery (to me) about their origin in an otherwise barren landscape.

Misty Pendle

Misty Pendle

Marsden Heights

Marsden Heights Trig Point

There is a website for trig spotters and whilst I am not one of those, for research purposes I took a look. MH is rated as being in a state of disrepair - one visitor was surprised to find carrots and a parsnip on the top of the trig. Look around, matey, the field is owned by folk who keep horses! Which will also be why there is little chance of repainting it in traditional white, them there horses are in the field most days.

Ben Basset Hound

Molly and Ben The Basset Hound

Ben is fine dog, keen to play but lacks the speed to keep up with a young border collie.

Five carrots and a parsnip

Trigpointing UK - each unto their own.

(not my photo, but I might try a re-enactment one day)


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