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~Pendle Hill~

28th December 2015

Pendle Summit

Bank Hall 23rd June 2012

Recent heavy rain left a tide mark on the footpath close to the footbridge joining Quen Victoria Road to the parkland of Bank Hall (known locally as The Pit Top - referance to the former mining operations based here). Then in early November 2015 it started to Christmas Day, the Pennine landscape was sodden and unable to hold any more water. The first drops of rain dropping on 25th December led to 36 hours of heavy rainfall and I came down on the morning of 26th to look at the Pit Top area.

Flooding 26th December 2015

I suppose the following photos will mean more to local folk, but The Brun is only one of several tributaries feeding The Calder (Lancs version) and heading to The Ribble. Flooding ensued along both rivers with serious problems in Padiham and Whalley.

The Bridge

The bridge is taking a battering with an accumulation of branches blocking the water from flowing freely through the railings. This is quite a sight with the water level being about 10ft above its typical position.

27th December 2016

Brun Flooding


The bridge is still here, but the supporting structure on the Bank Hall side has been washed away.

Walkers, workers and schoolchildren use this route on a daily basis. There are other ways round which involve more time at the side of a busy road, so the anticipated long wait for repairs is not good news; but here in Burnley we do not tend to suffer from residential flooding due to the lack of a flood plain and a limited catchment area for the rainwater.

Rowley Lake

Rowley Lake

Pendle Hill

On 27th Dec., Molly and I walked from Stanley Mill, over Pit Top, up to Rowley Lake and Pike Hill before finding this view of Pendle from the start of the walk down to Towneley Park via Cliviger Laithe.

Burnley Town Hall

Burnley Town Hall

Towneley Hall
Towneley Park

It's nearly 11 o'clock and I think it's time for a brew and a bite to eat at The Stables Cafe in Towneley Park.

Stables Cafe

Ah well...all tables outside taken by what I call "the campers". They seem to be here every time I come by: park up, get their under-exercised dogs out of the cars, walk them 100 yards to the cafe and then sit down for an hour or two! I'm not bitter at all! Dogs are not allowed inside the cafe. Hrrumpfff!

The Mile Straight

Burnley's fine contribution to the many interesting features along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal. It is not quite a mile, but it is straight.

Molly The Collie

It's now Monday 28th December and we are going up Pendle Hill to see how it might compare with exactly one year ago.

28th Dec 2015
28th Dec 2014


Pendle Summiteers

Pendle Summiteers

For Molly and I it is the 55th time we have reached this fine fell's summit in 2015.


This Year
Last Year

I sense that most people would like a little bit of the cooler, drier weather that turns the landscape white and the sky blue.

Roadside Parking

The farmer has placed large stones either side of his access to the fields and buildings. The idea is that visitors will not park adjacent to these stones and allow tractors with trailers to enter and exit easily. Sadly, the blatantly obvious is not always easy for everyone to spot, one vehicle as seen and another on the other side (behind me). For those about to embark on a walk and climb, an extra few yards is not hardship, is it?

Best Wishes for 2016

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