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~Pendle Hill~

24th September 2014

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

Nearly a full month since the last Pendle ascent. It promises to be a pleasant evening with a fair chance of watching the setting sun. But first a short catch-up of some of the better dog-walk photos since the last local report.

Sunrise Marsden Heights

Sunrise 5th September 2014

Reedley Marina

Reedley Marina 9th September 2014

Molly the Collie

Molly on Nelson Golf Course 15th September 2014

Down to business, the walk started at 18:00hrs from the roadside.

Black Moss Reservoirs

Up the steps to the open moorland of Pendle Hill.


We got a job lot of 24 tennis balls from Amazon (other retailers sell tennis balls) and we are about halfway through. Molly has a habit of dropping the balls in long grass and forgetting where she put them.

Pendle Walkers

Pendle Walkers

As the others left, we had the top to ourselves. Now, can we get the long-awaited Molly silhouette photograph?

Pendle Sunset

Nearly...the plan was to place the ball on the Trig and tell Molly to go and get it. The problem was that she knew where it was and knew she couldn't get it, so she was reluctant to try.

Molly sunset

Now jump up and keep still....

Pendle Sunset

Molly's Pendle Sunset

Ah well, that'll do for now. Maybe one for Granada Weather's sunset times backdrop.

Sunset on Pendle Hill

The Setting Sun

I've said it before, the September sunsets are some of the best - must be summut to do with angle of elevation and air quality.

Stile at Sunset

Last Look, 18:50hrs

Eariler in the day, I went up the scaffolding erected at Stanley Mill. The following are from a unique opportunity to see things from a different angle.

Pendle from Stanley Mill

Pendle from Stanley Mill

The chimney's shadow is clear to see. St.Andrew's Church spire dominates the skyline; Pendle Hill is further away.

Duke Bar

Duke Bar, Burnley

Several lines of terraced houses in the Duke Bar area of Burnley. The third house in from the left on Shackleton Street is currently for sale at £30K. That's cheap, but not the cheapest in Burnley at the moment. Investment / development opportunity?

Granada TV weather photo


Kerrie presents a "great photo by Richard Ratcliffe" and Molly makes her tv debut.

The Pendle Walk took 1hr 12mins.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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