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~Pendle Hill~

1st October 2014

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

Time to take my nephew, young Matthew up the local hill once again.

Up The Steps

The walk started from the roadside at 17:55hrs.

Pendle Shadow

The Shadow Edge

A distinct line marks the edge of the shadow of Pendle Hill.

Matthew on top of Pendle Hill

Rather chilly up here. We had a picnic tea at the top of the slope.

Pendle Sunset


Pendle Sunsets

Pendle Sunset

Setting sun

Setting Sun

At 18:47hrs, the sun is just about to touch the horizon and then disappear. Matthew and I had an in-depth conversation about the fact that the sun isn't moving at all in relation to the earth; it's us on the move.


Stilish Young Man

His last walk up here was with the cubs; the leader has a dog called Jasper and I see her with the dog on early morning walks.

Our walk lasted 1hr and 20mins, we descended back down the steps.

Molly and Jasper

Molly and Jasper (14th August 2014)

Jasper has since had a haircut.

Sunrise over Boulsworth Hill

Sunrise 3rd October 2014

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