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~Lingmoor Fell~

7th October 2014

Lingmoor Fell Summit

Summit of Lingmoor Fell

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Chapel Stile Sunrise

Sunrise from Thrang Quarry

Molly n' me took an early morning stroll up to the disused quarry. Mist has settled over Elterwater and Chapel Stile.

Dunlcanter Fold Chapel Stile

We are taking a short holiday at Dulcanter Fold, Chapel Stile -self-catering with a view of Lingmoor Fell. So, given a good forecast, we decided to climb the fell in view on a pleasant Tuesday morning. The photo on the right shows one of Chapel Stile's narrow lanes of miners' cottages. Thrang Quarry (disused) dominates the slopes behind the village. The walk started at 09:50hrs.

Langdale Beck

Langdale Beck

From the cottage, we followed the road and crossed Langdale Beck on the footbridge near to Wainwrights Inn - no connection with famous author intended, or so they say! The river was still too high for Molly to risk a swim.

Langdale Pikes

The Langdale Pikes

The LP's dominate the view for much of this walk, looking away from the sun is much more comfortable than towards it - turn the world around and the view to the Coniston Fells would be in the frame.

Baysbrown Woods

Baysbrown Wood

It's a nice picture, but I've just missed the turning, so we turned around and took the correct path, initially to Little Langdale and then promptly on to the old miners' track heading for the disused Banks Quarry.

Lingmoor Quarry Path

The Miners' Track

Chapel Stile

Chapel Stile

The village and Thrang Quarry. An un-named gill runs down the fell and under the spoil heaps. Molly and I had a walk up there the previous evening and a few photos will be be presented in another file.

Baysbrown Wood

Up the track and the view across the Langdale Valley opens up over Baysbrown Wood. We are looking for a "prominent Yew".



The cottage with the view of Lingmoor Fell is seen from high up. We are on the ground floor; the upper floor accommodates up to six persons and the two can be rented together.

The Prominent Yew

The "Prominent Yew"

As detailed in Wainright's Book 4 LF7, so it's a sharp turn left.

Lingmoor Fell

Lingmoor Fell

Much of the climbing now behind us, it's an undulating path to the fell's summit, following the wall for much of the way.

Lingmoor Wall to the summit
The Wall
The Summit Approach

It's a fact that this is the first Lakeland fell that has Karen has climbed twice, incidentally both times with me.

Molly The Collie

Molly on top of Lingmoor Fell 1,530ft asl

The sunshine and high humidity are generating clouds and Wetherlam is now cloud-topped and the direct sunlight has all but gone.

Lingmoor Fell Wall

More Wall

We followed the wall off the fell and towards Side Pike.

Lingmoor Fell Side Pike
Lingmoor Fell
Side Pike

There is an immensely steep bit down by the wall and there is a sensible diversion avoiding such.

Blea Tarn

Blea Tarn

You can either take the Side Pike route and the "squeeze" or the fence path down to the road. We take the latter and follow the tarmac to the cattle grid.

Langdale Cattle Grid

The Cattle Grid

After the the gate, there is a path on the fellside leading to the zig-zags down to the Langdale Valley.

Molly pulled up on the path down the hill and had to be carried to the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. There, we took tea and then the bus back to Chapel Stile. We took her to the vet in Ambleside (8th) and they diagnosed ligament damage. Later on the 8th, we had a walk from Elterwater village to Skelwith Force (and back) and Molly managed the walk at a steady pace.

Blea Tarn

Blea Tarn at 08:30hrs on Wednesday 8th October

Walkers: Karen, Me and Molly the Dog.

Time taken: 3hrs 30mins hours over a distance of about 6 miles.

Route: Chapel Stile, Baysbrown Wood, Bank Quarry, Lingmoor Fell, Side Pike (almost), road to the cattle grid and down the zig-zags to the Langdale Valley and the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. Bus back to Chapel Stile.

Weather: Cool and clear early on. Clouding up, rain by mid-afternoon.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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