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~Pendle Hill~

23rd November 2014

Pendle Hill Summit

Pendle Summit

This is our fifth time up here during November.

Towneley Fields

The Front

Today, we had to wait for the back of the front to clear East Lancs and here is the last of the cloud heading east to leave us with clear skies. So after this earlier walk around Towneley Park, Molly and I headed for the challenge of a Pendle ascent.

Busy Pendle

Busy Day on Pendle Hill

The walk started at 15:00hrs from the roadside and passed this lot before heading up the track.

Black moss reservoirs

Black Moss

Another view of the back of the weather front, heading across the Pennines.

Sunset from Pendle

View to the South West

Molly The Collie
Cloud Drama


Pendle Summit

Molly on Pendle Summit

She seems to know what it's all about and heads for the trig point. This is her 22nd time up here.

Pendle Silhouette

Pendle Summiteers

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset

I'm not sure if I will report on the other November walks up Pendle Hill, they were mainly under grey skies (with one exception) and on one occasion I intentionally left the camera at home.

Sunset from Pendle Hill


Last Look

There we go, another Sunday, another Pendle walk, another sunset, November again, Christmas soon - all a bit samey!

Walk time of 1hr 16mins. Fine greetings from many happy folk and their dogs.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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