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~Pendle Hill~

9th May 2014

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

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Roadside Parking
Stone Trough

Molly takes a sip from the stone trough on the roadway to Pendle House - not the first of my canine companions to do just the same. It's a pleasant enough evening for a walk and we start from the roadside at 18:00hrs.

Top of The Steps

The Stile


Pendle Trig

Pendle Summit

Stansfield Tower

Stansfield Tower, Blacko

Brightening Skies

1hr 15mins on this occasion

Here's a few other recent photos ....

Sleeping Dog

Dog Tired

Turf Moor

Home Ground(s)

Turf Moor, Stanley Mill and Pennine Hills!!!

Towneley Hall

Towneley Hall

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