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~Place Fell~

28th June 2014

Place Fell Summit

Place Fell Summit

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Glenridding Pier

Glenridding Pier

Today's walk is a linear one, the Ullswater "Steamer" taking us from Glenridding to Howtown for a return leg over Place Fell. It's a shame for early starters that the first boat doesn't leave until 09:45hrs.

Ullswater Steamer
High Dodd and Birk Fell
A Different Steamer

HD and BF belong to the greater assembly of Place Fell and near satellites. On the other steamer a man is taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.


Off the boat and over to the watershed between Howtown and Martindale. The wooden signpost points walkers to Doe Green and that's on our route to Sleet Fell, avoiding the tarmac.

Molly the Colly Hallin Bank

Molly knows the stile routine; Hollin Bank Farm stands in front of Beda Fell (r) and The Nab (centre).

Sleet fell

Sleet Fell

According to Wainwright, there are five options for climbing up or around Sleet Fell and arriving at Low Moss. I chose his recommended, steep and "pathless" route up the end of Sleet Fell. There is now a well-worn path, whose fault is that?

Steep Ascent of Sleet Fell

Sleet Fell top Hallin Fell
Sleet Fell Summit
Hallin Fell

Hallin Fell is not far off being the same height as Sleet Fell. The path will take us to High Dodd.

High Dodd

To High Dodd

We aim forward and pass to the left (east) of High Dodd.

To The Summit of Place Fell

All quite straightforward as the top comes into view.

Place Fell Summit



Glenridding from Place Fell

Hare Shaw

Descent Route

We head off NNW past "The Knight" and aiming for the track that runs up to Hare Shaw.


There's a well-made path in there and it makes for one of the best ways up or down Place Fell.

Easy going along the path that runs higher than the shoreline route.

Arnison Crag

Arnison Crag

The village of Patterdale sits in front of Arnison. Side Farm just beneath us has a campsite and a small cafe. I tried their tea and then continued along the valley to cross the river on the road to / from Rooking.

White Lion Inn

The White Lion Inn

Good pub in Patterdale.

Gillside Farm Camping

Tent View

Back at the campsite at 15:15hrs. Molly is attached by her lead to the garden fork, nothing worse than that!

Fireworks on Ullswater

Fireworks on Ullswater

Later in the day, ten o'clock to be precise, a firework display on Ullswater.

Walkers: Me and Molly the Dog

Time taken: 5 hours (from Howtown Pier) over a distance of about 8 miles.

Route: Howtown Pier, Doe Green, Sleet Fell, Low Moss, Place Fell, Hare Shaw, Side Farm, Patterdale, Gillside Campsite.

Weather: Cloudy throughout, calm and dry.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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