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~Pendle Hill~

6th July 2014

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

The previous day has seen the Tour de France "le Grand Départ 2014" wheeling away from Leeds to Harrogate and soon enough heading for Skipton. Dave & Josie Dimmock invited me over to watch the riders from a vantage point high above the A6069.

The Map

From the red dot on the Roman Road on Draughton Moor, we had a wide range of view. The road over the moor was quite busy and a farmer opened a gate so that cars could park safely (near Haygill Nook). £5 per car, for "the Air Ambulance" - fair enough.

Dave Dimmock

Dave Gets Ready

We watched as the Tour Caravan (loads of support and sponsors' vehicles) went past, plus at least five helicopters and the level of anticipation mounted ...


... all too much for Molly! Then, a three-man breakaway led the race, followed by the peloton.

tour de france peloton

le Tour de France


The Peloton

The Tour de France has always been something for others, for another country, not my thing. The venture by Gary Verity to entice the organisers to Yorkshire was a master-stroke. It transfixed the county, drew in thousands from far and wide and brought le Tour within our reach. Brilliant! I would have liked to get to Hawes, but deemed the plan of rail to Garsdale and then a long walk to be a bit too much.

Pendle Sunset

In The Evening


The Following Day ...

Lower Ogden res Upper Ogden Res

The dog and I started from Barley (08:10hrs) and headed up to the Ogden Reservoirs on a very calm summer morning.

Boar Clough

Boar Clough

We sat down for a drink and along came the very same Mr.Logan who had past us on our walk up to Hart Side last Sunday. Now, what are the chances of that? We joined forces for the walk up the side of the clough and to the summit.

West Lancashire

Cumulous clouds are starting to build out to the west.

At the top, a lday with two Akitas and a peaceful scene.

Pendle Top

Pendle Hill Summit

T'other Richard went off to the south as this Richard and dog headed north.

Molly the Colly

Molly The Collie

And then off down the steps, for the fields back to Barley.

Foxgloves Ings Farmhouse
Ings Farmhouse

Quite warm now as we head downhill.

Hide and Sheep

Hide & Sheep

One of the sheep closed her eyes and counted to fifty as all the others went off to hide ...

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill


in the afternoon, Settle ....

Settle Flowerpot Man

Flowerpot Festival

In Settle, there is a flowerpot festival and the yellow bikes have spread throughout Yorkshire.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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