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~Pendle Hill~

19th August 2014

August on Pendle

Pendle Summit

Very heavy rain spoilt the early morning commutes in areas around Bolton and Manchester, whilst we had sunshine. Later, bright sunshine on Pendle and dark clouds over parts of neighbouring Yorkshire. The sun shines on the righteous, does it not! ?

Oliver Ings Bridge

Oliver Ings Bridge

O6:50hrs and an early morning walk along the canal from Barden Road to Oliver Ings Bridge and then up to the Prairie fields. Shallow research on t'internet can't help me find out who Oliver was or why his bridge is different to most others. The hill in the distance is calling us, it's been 15 days since we were last on Pendle.

Pendle from Canal Rain clouds
Leeds / Liverpool Canal
Rain Clouds

The line of rain clouds stretches right across the west/south-west horizon and reports on the radio talked of difficult driving conditions. This is very probably the first canal bridge I ever walked over; we used to live nearby and walk our black labrador "Susan" in this area.

Susan The Dog

Susan The Dog c.1968

My Grandpa Ratcliffe with Susan. Grannie and Mum, with sister Helen, making up the numbers. Susan was a blind dog and needed extra care. My dog list is Susan, Dana (pro. Day-Na) both Labs then Jess and presently Molly (both BC's).

Preston to Colne Line

The Preston to Colne Line

Now on the railway bridge and heading for the Prairie fields - local football pitches. Early morning walkers have routines and I had a feeling Darcey the Deerhound would be in attendance. She was and that saved me a lot of ball throwing, the two dogs racing around in tandem.


Big Cloud

More Showers

Later in the day, we parked at the roadside for a hike up Pendle Hill. Further east a large cloud sits over the White Rose county.

Coul Clough Wind Farm

Coul Clough Wind Farm

"They" are replacing the diddy wind turbines with giant ones. The contractors have built a road through farmland for the huge trailers bringing the stalks and blades and each delivery has a police escort through the local roads.

Molly the Colly Black Moss res

Up The Track

Molly now has no interest in sheep on the landscape, but I keep her in close control when we are in fields with sheep or if we have to walk very close to them. The shadow of Pendle is across the reservoirs, with the rain clouds further away.





At the time of writing, we are the only side in the Premier League to take the lead against Chelsea in the 2014/15 season. That won't happen too often! My prediction is that Chelsea will be crowned champions at the end of the campaign.

Selfie on Pendle

Pendle Selfies

They took one earlier in Asda, that was a Shelfie. More often than not this year, there seems to be folk lingering at the summit when I arrive.

Pendle Top

Pendle Top

The usual summit shot, looking north-east.

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset

Sunset of Pendle


In a failed attempt to get a silhouette of Molly, I put the ball on top of the trig. I'll try summat else next time.

Stile and Sunset

Sunset over Bowland Fells


And on to the following morning, 20th August ....

Nelson Sunrise

Sunrise over Nelson Golf Course

O6:20hrs and the fields behind our house, leading to the golf course.

Pendle Morning

Morning View of Pendle

Molly Collie

Hide & Seek

Molly has not quite got the hang of hiding. I counted to fifty, but soon found her. Each morning I can tell the time by the arrival of the gang over the fields. Seven dogs accompany the walkers and Molly gets a bit giddy rushing to all the adults to see what's on offer.

The Dog Walkers

The Dog Walkers

The Pendle Walk took 1hr 20mins.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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