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~Pendle Hill~

27th April 2014

Pendle Summit

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Roadside Parking

An unremarkable, grey and damp Sunday morning. Lambs loiter in the adjoining field and I appear to be the first to start from this roadside on this occasion. The rocks will prevent numpties from parking too close to the farm track.


I decided to see if Molly would take to fellwalking.....


We went up the less-steep track and some others have got there first.

Molly on Pendle

Molly 1st Felltop

No fanfare, no views, but hopefully the first of many for Molly..


"Once a week? Aren't there other hills we could climb?"


Here's a few other recent photos ....

Pendle Hill

Pendle from the fields behind our house

Pit Top Burnley

Molly's Lunchtime Walk

Close to work (see chimney) is the landscaped area known as "Pit Top". Once the site of Burnley's largest coal mine - Bank Hall Pit - the area was decomissioned as such in the 1970's and this is now an excellent amenity for local folk to take the air. The River Brun runs along the bottom of the parkland.

River Brun

River Brun

The River Brun runs under the Leeds / Liverpool Canal, or maybe it's the other way round. To the right is another arch where coal trains used to run to and from Burnley Bank Top (now Central) railway station.


Rest Time

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