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~A Newlands Round~

23rd November 2013

The trusty Mountain Weather Information Service provided scope for optimism. I recall they forecast - something like: a cloudy day, with chances of sunshine in the north-west of the area (Cumbria), very high percentage chance of cloud-free summits and very low chance of precipitation.

Catbells Crowd

Crowds on Catbells

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Parking at Chapel Bridge

Parking at Chapel Bridge, Little Town

I arrived at 08:00hrs and set off for Low Snab Farm. There's quite a few "Snabs" round here, the most confusing must be "Low High Snab". It's cloudy as per the forecast, no wind and it's looking good for a walk up to Hindscarth.

A Gate
A Lane

It's a new gate complete with new hinges and barbed wire along the top; the lane leads to Newlands Church and various Snabs. I like gates; I also like lanes.

Newlands Church Scope End
Newlands Church
Scope End

Today's primary target is Hindscarth, surely not anyone's favourite fell, nor one for ashes scattering or fell top parties.

Low Snab Farm

Low Snab Farm

Pan Holes Pan Holes

On the slopes of Scope End are the disused mine entrances of "Pan Holes". Enter at your own risk!

Upper Newlands

Upper Newlands

Cold and quiet, a very serene scene.

Scope End Skiddaw
Looking Up
Looking Back

Looking back and the sky is starting to fall onto Skiddaw, not a good sign.

Falling Sky

Precipitation Likely

I don't really mind the forecast (s) being wrong, there must be a fine line between full cloud cover and stuff falling out of the said clouds, I would just like somebody to explain the reason for the discrepency.

To Hindscarth Summit

To Hindscarth Summit

Yes, it's B&W time as the colour is drained out of the scenery by light drizzle and immense dullness.

Hindscarth Summit

Hindscarth 2385ft asl

To Dale Head

To Dale Head

This will be my second time on top of Dale Head this year.

Greetings Wintry Scene
Wintry Scene

It took me nearly two hours of easy fellwalking to reach the top of Hindscarth, the chap on the left was also at the car park earlier, he probably walked up Newlands Beck.

Newlands in Winter Newlands in Spring

Newlands in 2013

Dale Head Summit

Dale Head Summit 2473ft asl

Last time, "summit hoggers" were cluttering the view, no such problem today. Incidentally, the BBC is celebraating 50 years of Dr.Who; it's 50 years since Kennedy was shot* in Dallas (*I can't spell that long word) and it's 50 years since A.Wainwright signed off his 6th book: North Western Fells: "the most delectable of all" - who would argue with that?

Dale Head Tarn To High Spy
Dale Head Tarn
To High Spy

Dale Head Tarn

Thin Ice on Dale Head Tarn

I had a short discussion with myself: do I continue over th felltops to Catbells, or should I drop down by Rigghead Quaries and walk along the quaint Borrowdale footpaths to Grange (cafes) and then back over Hause Gate to Little Town? Well, it might brighten up...

Walkers on High Spy

Walkers on High Spy

This is maybe a third of a very large party of fellwalkers.

High Spy Summit Me on top of High Spy

High Spy 2143ft asl

The gentleman on the left from Helmsley, also here on the assumption of better weather, kindly took my souvenir photo. The couple seen in the first photo had left the rucksac and all provisions in the B&B. So armed with a guide book, no map or compass and no food they carry on their way with instructions from the well-prepared to "turn right" at the tarn.

Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains

Looking across to the ravine adjacent to Near Tongue Gill on the shoulder between Dale Head and Hindscarth.

The tops to Maiden Moor

Blea Crag Derwent Water

Blea Crag and Derwent Water

The summit of non-Wainwright top, Blea Crag, offers a fine view of Derwent Water.

Maiden Moor Summit

Maiden Moor Summit 1887ft asl

Ah! A "cloud-free" summit, thus proving that the percentages of chance give each possibility an opportunity to occur.


To Catbells

Borrowdale Hotel

"Borrowdale Hotel"

Catbells View Catbells Crowd

The view to Catbells showing the cloudy scene over Skiddaw. A large assembly on Catbells has fifteen minutes to get a move on, otherwise there will be trouble!

Catbells Summit

Catbells Summit 1481ft asl

The school group moved just before I had chance to tell them to shift. This view from the top shows Hindscarth (right of centre) with just a hint of cloud on the summit.

Ard Crags
Ard Crags
The Route to Little Town

A little cloud sits on Aiken Knott, part of Ard Crags. I descend off Catbells and pick up the easy track to contour around the hillsides and back to Little Town.

Scope End

Scope End (and a gate)

Almost back to the car. A few miles of new territory for me along with some familiar summits.




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Walkers: Just me.

Time taken: 7hrs 30mins over a distance of about 9.5 miles; 3,477ft of ascent.

Route: Chapel Bridge, Newlands Church, Low Snab Farm, Scope End, Hindscarth, Dale Head, Dale Head Tarn, High Spy, Blea Crag, Maiden Moor, Hause Gate, Catbells, Skelgill Bank, route around the foot of the hills to Little Town.

Weather and Conditions: Overcast with light precipiation, but two out of five cloud-free summits.

Greetings Count: Quiet until High Spy and then it was akin to Keswick High Street!

Refreshments: Coffee and cake at The Chalet, Portinscale. Fine cafe / restuarant, well worth a visit. By the time I left, there were 25 people in the cafe.


"July 2014" - The New Zealand Gate Catch, Stonethwaite

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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