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9th February 2013

A dull walk for a dull day?

The Lancastrian

The Lancastrian

The route to The Lakes is closed for railway bridge repairs. Maybe an opportunity to have a closer look at some of the scenes along the A682, which usually fly by at 50mph.

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Bridge Under Repair

Newsholme Railway Bridge

Despite many signs stating that the road is closed, a steady stream of motorists drive all the way up to the bridge before finally accepting that the road is closed. Walkers and cyclists can get through.

20 minute phone box A682
The "20 minute phonebox"
Roadside Farm

In the days before mobile phones, I used to ring home from this box and announce that I would be home in 20 minutes. The advent of speed cameras has made it more like the 25 minute phonebox, but the original name has prevailed.

A682 Farmhouse

Former Tearooms

This house used to offer teas and stuff, albeit 20 years ago. Shortly after taking this photo, the resident/farmer questioned my motives! It must be quite unusual for someone to walk straight down the middle of the road.

A682 County Boundary

The County Boundary

Motorists can go a little faster in North Yorkshire.

Milestone to Settle Milestone to Gisburn
Settle 8 Miles
Gisburn 3 Miles

Sign of The Times

Gisburn used to be "Gisburne", hence the milepost is not as old as might be assumed. Resarch indicates that I am on the Marsden - Settle Turnpike, built in the late 18th Century. Where is Marsden? Marsden was renamed as Nelson after the Battle of Trafalgar (1805).

Hayber Farm

Hayber Farm

Fancy a pint? This was the Craven Heifer pub many years ago. Note the height of the tv aerial on the roof - this is necessary because of the lofty railway embankment, just behind the property. This must have been a thorny issue for the residents and visitors at the time of the railway's arrival.

Bridge 113 Under Repair

Bridge 113

It is not entirely clear what they are doing. A scaffold pole across the white lines maybe intended to prevent motorbikes getting through, pedestrians and cyclist can make progress.

Ribble Stepping Stones Stansfield Farm
Stepping Stones
Stansfield Farm
Fisherman's Cottage Ribble House
Fisherman's Cottage
House on the Corner


Maps show a "ford" and the stepping stones are now incomplete. A link at the foot of this page makes fascinating reading for those of us interested in this little piece of lesser-known North Yorkshire - Nappa. The "house on the corner" is a bit of a mystery. It was formerly a garage and service station. Someone has spent time and money building a mansion, or maybe it's more than one unit. I can't imagine wanting to live there! Usually this road is busy with waggons and cars and this is quite a popular spot for leaving the road (unintentionally).

Swinden Hall

Swinden Hall

Swinden is a little hamlet, found up the private road just after the house on the corner. The Hall dates from the 15th Century and has this inscription above the door:

Swinden Hall


Cow Gate Lane

Cow Gate Lane

If you look at the map and take away the railway and the A682, it becomes obvious that Cow Gate Lane would have been part of the old network of route and tracks across the countryside. This one leads to Nappa and the stepping stones.

Two Trees

Two Trees on Pit Hill

Cow Gate Lane joins up with Needless Hall Lane and my route back to Newsholme now follows footpaths that run between the many low hills that populate this area.

Needless Hall Farm

Needless Hall Lane

Hoober Farm

Hoober Farm

This supports my argument for using a tarmac base for half the walk.

From Hoober, I took footpaths across the fields to a railway bridge close to Newsholme.

The Winter Settler

The Winter Settler

Heading north is a diesel-hauled charter train: The Winter Settler. Originating in Bristol, these hardy travellers have opted for a long day out. The two engines are "Class 37's", members of a group made between 1960 and 1965. I've joined my brother, Peter, on this bridge and we too were made at roughly the same time.

The Lancastrian

The Lancastrian

LMS Stanier Class 8F No. 48151 hauls the charter train in the circular route from Preston-Carnforth-Hellifield-Clitheroe-Blackburn-Preston. These travellers started from Cleethorpes on this "West Coast Railway Company" tour.

48151 at Newsholme

Heading For Gisburn

The view from Bridge 101 is a good one and generally favoured for northbound trains - this one being southbound. I suspect the reason why were not joined on the bridge by others will be because there was an additional attraction on the Settle/Carlisle later in the afternoon, so enthusiasts - having seen this train at Hellifield (maybe), will have then headed up the line to see the Cumbrian Mountain Express.

Delicious Deli & Cafe

delicious deli & cafe

The former general stores and post ofice in Gisburn is now a cafe.

Not quite as dull as I feared ! This walk is not recommended under normal circumstances as the A682 is part of what was "Britain's Most Dangerous Road" - no place for pedestrians!!!


Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 3 hours over a distance of about 7.5 miles.

Route: Newsholme roadside, A682 to Nappa and onto Swinden. Back along the A628 to Cow Green Lane / Needless Hall Lane, Hoober Farm, Knot Lane, Newsholme Bridge 101 and hence back to the car.

Weather: Dull, no wind.

Greetings: No other walkers on my route.

Richard's Refreshment Review: delicious deli and cafe (Facebook page!) is a busy little cafe with a good choice of hot and cold food. Gisburn is not a destination, unless you are visiting the large private hospital, but this could be a godd place to break your journey.

Most photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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