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~Ling Fell~

21st April 2013

Ling Fell Summit

The Summit

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Wythop Mill

Road to Brumston Bridge

Oh quickly fortunes change. After two walks in bright and sunny conditions, I found low cloud and the potential for rain as I emerged from the tent. I quickly packed up the camping gear and drove to Wythop Mill for a walk up Ling Fell. I parked on this road and headed for Brumston Bridge. It's dull, start time 08:15hrs.

Ling Fell Sale Fell
Man and Dogs
Sale Fell

It soon started to rain. The only other character I saw on this short walk was this man with several English Pointers and a few small dogs to make up the numbers. I took a fairly direct route up this small fell, following a feint path made by other up-and-downers.

Ling Fell Stones

Shooting Butt?

Wainwright mentions disused shooting butts, could this be one of them?

Ling Fell Summit

Ling Fell Summit 1,224ft asl

Well, always looking for the positives ... there's no sandwich eaters here!

Open Access Land

Open Access Land

The vast majority of Ling Fell is on Open Access Land and in one corner, this OAL meets a public footpath and Green Lonning Lane. A stile would be handy.

Green Lonning Lane

Green Lonning Lane

On a different day, I might have combined Sale Fell with Ling Fell for a longer walk. But this is not a different day, it's today.

The Globe, Wythop Mill

The Globe (dis), Wythop Mill

Water Race, Wythop Mill

Water Race

Adjacent to the beck is an old water race, which would have supplied the mill.

Wythop Mill

Wythop Mill

This is the centre of the hamlet of Wythop Mill, signified by a phone box and a noticeboard (out of shot).

Signpost at Wythop Mill

Wythop Mill Crossroads

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 1hr 10mins over a distance of about 3 miles.

Weather and Conditions: Wet and miserable.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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