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30th March 2012

Arrival day at Scotgate Campsite, Braithwaite and time for a walk before the close of play. This report relates to a walk on the minor fell close to Braithwaite, not to the town that makes submarines.


Skiddaw from Barrow

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Scotgate Campsite

Scotgate Campsite

That's my new tent, a Coleman 3-man with a generous front section for all the stuff you don't want in the sleeping quarters. Walk start time is 17:30hrs and I considered the choice between Barrow and Barf and decided that the former gave me a walk in the sunshine, whereas Barf would be in shade.

Braithwaite Lodge

Braithwaite Lodge

Long shadows from the fence posts make lines on the farm road.

The Bench


One of Lakeland's best positioned benches. When considering the best views, I think that there are two categories: Views To - as in this one and Views From - as you might enjoy from Skiddaw Lower Man.





Barrow Walkers Barrow Pass
Barrow Walkers
Barrow Pass

Walk Views

Barrow offers one of those ascents with "false summits", you think you might be at the top, but there's more ahead!

Barrow Summit

Barrow Summit 1494ft asl

Barrow View

Barrow View

I'd like to think that I was the last visitor to Barrow Summit on this fine day, but who knows? The view south shows many fine mountains getting ready for supper and a story.

Descent to Braithwaite

Descent Route

My way down is clear to see with Barrow Gll to the right.




Back to the Tent

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 1hr 50mins over a distance of about 4 miles.

Route: Braithwaite, Braithwaite Lodge, ridge rotue to Barrow Summit, Barrow Door, High Coledale Farm, Braithwaite.

Weather and Conditions: Sunny and cool.

Greetings Count: Those two walkers in the photo above were the only people I passed on this walk.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Nothing to report today.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2012 ©

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