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~Rishton to Burnley~

7th January 2012

Black Hill

Black Hill

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Rishton Station

Rishton Railway Station

I caught the 08:00 service from Burnley Central to Rishton in the Hyndburn district of East Lancashire, about 4 miles north-east of Blackburn. The station was originally closer to Blackburn, but was relocated to a more convenient spot at the end of Station Road.

Wheatfield Mill Rishton
Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Rishton
Rishton High Street
Tottleworth Great Harwood Loop
Great Harwood Loop

It's a dull morning and the light is not helpful for taking photos. In the canal photo there is cleared ground to the right and this is where Gaskell Carpets used to be. Once a mighty carpet manufacturer, now defunct in all but name - you can still buy a Gaskell Carpet but it's not made by Gaskells. Tottleworth is a small hamlet between Rishton and Great Harwood. The disused line was known as the Great Harwood Loop, it linked towns not on the main East Lancs railway, such as Padiham, Simonstone and Great Harwood.

Mercer Memorial Clock Tower

The Mercer Memorial Clock Tower

The tower, above, in Great Harwood was erected in the memory of John Mercer, a local who revolutionised the process of dyeing when he invented the "mercerisation" of cotton.

The Tavern, Great Harwood

Tavern, Great Harwood

I tried to find things of interest in Great Harwood, but sadly, failed. My route took me across fields, across Tan House Lane and onto Dean Lane, which leads down to Bowley Scout Camp.

Dean Lane

Dean Lane

Muddy Fields

Muddy Fields

Now into the countryside, muddy fields abound. The walk is heading for the River Calder.


River Calder

River Calder

River Calder

Cock Bridge

Cock Bridge

I needed this bridge crossing, there being no other nearby. The River Calder carries the drainage from the East Lancashire towns of Burnley, Nelson and Colne. This river joins the Ribble at Whalley.

Haweswater Aqueduct

The Haweswater Aqueduct

Part of Manchester's water supply from Lakeland as seen from Cock Bridge.

Martholme Viaduct

Martholme Viaduct

Disused, part of the loop. Last train in 1957. My route crosses the A671 and enters the grounds of Read Hall. Read Hall is a private residence with several smaller homes now made from the various outhouses. All the gateposts have strange carvings, like this one...

Read Hall


Whins Lane, Read

Whins Lane, Read

After Read Hall it was onto Whins Lane, above the village of Read. Property for sale at £499,950. That's quite a lot for this part of the world, maybe just a bedsit in areas of London. The milepost on the right says 6 miles to Burnley, but I won't be using the shortest route, so maybe it's a bit more for me.

Happy Bales

Happy Bales

Well, most are happy. The lowest row are not faced as they are not visible to passing motorists - you see more when you're walking!

New Hall Farm

More Muddy Fields

My walk goes to New Hall Farm (in white) and onto Shady Walks. Squelch, squelch, squelch....

Shady Woods

Shady Walks in Sabden Woods

Black Hill

Black Hill, near Sabden

There must be loads of Black Hills. All is not what it seems, only two sides have been recently painted; those cuts get everywhere. The sun is shining on Spence Moor - part of Pendle Hill. I'm heading for Higham, not too far away from here.


Flooded Road

The cyclist free-wheels through today's "Puddle of The Day".

Copthurst Farm

Copthurst Farm

The bit on the left looks new to me.


I know what you're thinking!

Four Alls Inn Higham Houses
Four Alls Inn
Higham Cottages
St Johns, Higham House
St.John's Church
Lower White Lee

Local Scenes

The village of Higham is by-passed by the Barrowford to Padiham by-pass and so is quite desirable as a place to live, just a few miles from Burnley and with easy access to the motorway. Lower White Lee reminds me a little of the house at the beginning of Play School.

Bay Horse Inn

The Bay Horse, Fence

Still 4 miles to Burnley! My legs are getting weary, still it's all downhill. Apart from the uphill bit.

The New-In-Pendle Bridge

The New-In-Pendle Bridge

The walk followed Greenhead Lane over the M65 to this bridge and then up Barden Lane to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. This part of Barden Lane is not recommended as a walk route, there is no pavement and most drivers do not observe the 30 mph limit.



As usual with most wildlife, they saw me and scarpered, but I got them just before they hid under the bridge.

Bridge House

Bridge House

Barden Mill Bridge 132A
Barden Mill
Railway Bridge

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

I took the canal from Barden Lane to Burnley.

Old Hall Mill

Old Hall Mill, Burnley

Sir Jonas Moore was a mathematician and surveyor, 1617-1679.

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 6hrs 10mins over a distance of about 14 miles.

Route: Rishton Station, High Street, Tottleworth, Loop Line, Great Harwood, Tan Lane, Dean Lane, River Calder, Read Hall, Whins Lane, New Hall Farm, Shady Walks, Black Hill, Higham, Greenhead Lane, Barden Lane, L&L Canal to Burnley Central.

Weather and conditions: Mainly dry, cool and breezy.

Greetings Count: Dog walkers in most places along the route.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Nothing to report today.

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