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~Ribblehead to Dent Village~

11th August 2012

I chose to find a walk that would revisit territory last seen in the winter and also seek another route available to Settle - Carlisle travellers. And there was the usual Saturday steam train due up the line, plenty to look forward to!

Blea Moor Tunnel

Blea Moor Tunnel

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Hellifield Railway Station Ribblehead Railway Station
Hellifield Railway Station
Ribblehead Railway Station

The Journey by Rail

I catch the 09:40 service for Carlisle. Soon enough the rather full train arrives at Ribblehead. Whernside looms large behind the train and this will be only my second ascent of Yorkshire's highest peak. Izzy the Dog is with me today.

Runscar Hill

Runscar Hill

For a change, we cut the corner and head for Great Scar on Runscar Hill. This part of Batty Green is quite damp and not a route I can recommend. A photographer is stood alone on the scar awaiting a view of the steam train over Ribblehead Viaduct.



The walking party is probably on a guided tour of the viaduct and the site of the shanty towns where the viaduct builders lived during construction. If I could be a time traveller, I'd nip back to the 1870's to witness the drama of the railway's construction.

To Whernside

Back on the main track and heading for Blea Moor Tunnel and the start of the Whernside ascent.

Izzy The Dog

Izzy The Dog

Cooling off in the beck.


Force Gill Aqueduct over the Settle-Carlisle Railway

The lady trainspotter eagerly awaits the celebrity train, her husband is closer to the Ribblehead viaduct.

Above Blea Moor South Portal

Viewing Point above Blea Moor Tunnel

I stood with three others and we waited patiently for the steam-hauled charter train. However, it "failed" and never arrived. That's bad enough for me, but I'm on a longish walk. One other chap had travelled from Birmingham; spare a thought for the passengers. The photo below is a reminder of the view from here when an express is charging up the line.

Steam Train

70013 Oliver Cromwell on Feb 11th 2012

The engine which failed was the Duchess of Sutherland and she had a "Hot Axle Box", discovered at Hellifield.

Blea Moor Tunnel

Blea Moor Tunnel

Heading up Whernside

Whernside Ascent

Ah well, time to move on. Many of the ascenders will be "Three Peak" walkers on peak 2 of their challenge. The path is well repaired and it should make for comfortable walking in most weather conditions.

Ribblehead Viaduct

Ribblehead Viaduct from Whernside

I took some photos on the ascent, but the view was to the south and the visibility rather poor due to haze.

Whernside Summit Whernside in winter
Whernside Summit in Summer, 2,415ft asl
Whernside in Winter

After lunch in the shelter of the wall, avoiding the brisk wind, it was due west for a sharp descent to Deepdale Lane.

Whernside Descent

To Deepdale Lane

Basically a case of follow the wall, avoid the sink holes and soon enough we find Deepdale Lane. In the photo, to the right is the start of the fell road; it skirts the flank of Great Coum and becomes Green Lane in the area above Dent.

Deepdale, Dent


Occupation Road Green Lane
Fellside Road
Green Lane

It's a four mile hike around the flank of Great Coum and not one for pushchairs or families with small children.


Dent from Green Lane

Flinter Gill


The path to Dent is well signposted, via Flintergill.

The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

Curious treescape just above Dent. Soon enough we are in Dent Village. Flintergill is largely hidden by trees; running through limestone it was dry for most of the way.

The Stone Close, Dent

Stone Close Cafe

One of two cafes in Dent, both admit dogs.

Main Street Dent

Cobbled Main Street

Sunn Inn, Dent

The Sun Inn

Me 'n two pals stayed in here once and I seem to recall having a good time c.1983. One of two pubs in the village.

Dent Brewery Company

The George And Dragon

The other pub, which brews its own ale under the Dent Brewery title.

Dent Bus Stop

Waiting For The Bus

At Dent Bus Station and awaiting the 564A service to Dent Station. Izzy is in the shade behind my rucksac. The whole walk plan relied on the 17:05 bus to take me to the railway station. It duly arrived, more than half full and all passengers got to the train in time.

Dent Railway Station

Dent Railway Station

It transpires that more than one walking group had planned walks culminating in a finish at Dent Railway Station. I counted 35 persons on the platform, could this be a record for Dent Station?

Settle Carlisle Train

The 17:32 to Leeds

A fine linear walk using public transport links. Freedom of speech allows you to leave comments below. Strange comments occasionally appear and I tend to leave them in place, unless foul language is used or they are insulting to anyone.

Walkers: Me and Izzy The Dog.

Time taken: 6hrs 15mins from Ribblehead Station to Stone Close tearoom, over a distance of about 12 miles.

Route: Ribblehead Sation, Runscar Hill, Blea Moor Tunnel, Whernside, Deepdale Road, fell road to Green Lane, Flinter Gill, Dent.

Weather and Conditions: Hazy sunshine and warm. Cooling breeze on top of Whernside.

Greetings Count: Lots of folk on Whernside and then only one party of four ascending Whernside from the west and one other party of about eight on the fell track.

Richard's Refreshment Review: I had a cream tea in Stone Close tearoom. Attractively presented food in a quaint tearoom. Dogs welcome and large tables for mapreaders and those wishing to peruse the house newspapers.

Stone Close Dent

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