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~Pendle Hill~

30th January 2015

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

Friday afternoon and no time to waste, another opportunity to walk Pendle Hill in winter conditions.

Pendle from home

Pendle from Home

Roadside parking for a start time of 14:25hrs.

Stansfield Tower

Stansfield (Blacko) Tower

Molly the Collie Molly Snowball
Awaiting the Snowball
The Result!


Summit of Pendle

The Top

We ascended by the track up the left side (as viewed from the road / east) and this is the view along the top.


Barley and Barley Hill

Pendle with Molly Timba with Molly
The Summit
Molly and Timba

We met another walker with his dog, Timba. They compared bushy tails. In this small world, we discovered later that Timba is a friend and neighbour of Mitch - up here with Neil on 31st May, 2014 ...

Molly n Mitch

Molly 'n Mitch (library photo)

Down the Steps

Roadside - track, summit, steps in 1hr and 30mins.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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