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~Yewbarrow to Pillar~

8th May 2008

It's unusual for me to start a walk well into the afternoon, but on this occasion I had travelled to Nether Wasdale campsite and by the time the driving was done and the tent put up, it was comfortably past midday. This was a big walk and much of it was either new or long forgotten territory. I'm guessing my previous visit to Pillar would have been circa 1988. This web page is being written in Jan 2010 and some details are, like the weather, hazy....


Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

My green car and grey tent

Nether Wasdale campsite lies in a great setting. No shop, which cuts both ways, it certainly doesn't suit the riff-raff. Two pubs just around the corner, good facilities on the site.


This ascent of Yewbarrow was definately going to be tough going in the warm sunshine.


Getting a little closer

Dropping Crag

Pillar from Yewbarrow

Red Pike from Yewbarrow

Usually on this website there will be a little commentary, but with a backdated account like this one, it is difficult to remember details. It's a drop of 500ft and then 1350ft of ascent.

Dore Head, looking back to Yewbarrow

This is Red Pike Summit

So that is probably Pillar in the background.

Low Tarn

Yewbarrow and Red Pike


Me on top of Pillar

Mighty me is pushing the mountain over, must be careful in future.

Yewbarrow from Pillar descent route

Kirk Fell

Sunsetting on Pillar

Tarn at Black Sail Pass

I cannot easily explain why there are no more photos today. It was getting dark and I do remember my legs were tiring and when I'm flagging I tend not to take many photos.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 8hrs ish, distance not determined

Route: Wasdale Head car park, Overbeck Bridge, Yewbarrow, Red Pike, Scoat Fell, Steeple-and-back, Pillar, Black Sail Pass, Mosedale, Wasdale car park.

Weather and conditions: Warm, hazy sunshine

Greetings Count: Low, can't really remember seeing more than a couple of folk

Richard's Refreshment Review: A pint of Great Gable in Wasdale Head Hotel, very refreshing.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2008 ©