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~Troutbeck Tongue~

23rd May 2010

Tired legs, sore feet and diminished enthusiasm all led to a shorter, lowel level walk than that which we had done the day before. Another consideration was the need to get out of the centre of the Lake District because big crowds were expected as the warm spell continued and we didn't want to get caught up in the exit rush later in the day.....


Border Guard?

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk


Roadside Parking

09:40 and we have planned a route which will take us along the East side of the valley towards The Tongue.



Another caravan / campsite that has chucked out the campers and favoured the big money deals associated with holiday homes.

Troutbeck Track

The Track to Hagg Gill

What a splendid low level walk in prospect. Yoke, Ill Bell and all that on the right as we look.


Long Green Head Farm


The Bridge

This is where we cross Hagg Gill and start the short, steep ascent of The Tongue.



Troutbeck Tongue

The Summit


Quarries on Ill Bell


Quarry on The Tongue

Walking with me for the third consecutive walk was Simon Baldwin, who firmly believes that The Tongue is a Roche Moutonnée and having studied the lie of the land, I'm inclined to agree.


Down The Valley

We walked down the flank of the fell to join the footpath along the West side of the valley.


Innominate Bridge

This classic Lakeland bridge is adjacent to Troutbeck Park Farm.


The Stile



Ing Bridge

Ing Bridge



Town Head

Town Head

Quenns Head

Queens Head Hotel

We stopped by for a glass of light refreshment. It was approaching lunch, but our shortish walk did not merit chooisng from the menu on offer which looked expensive and extensive.

Sour Howes

Sour Howes

The end of the walk. That's another outing on new territory and a perfect antidote to the after effects of Saturday's marathon.

Walkers: Simon Baldwin and Me.

Time taken: 3hrs over a distamce of about 5 miles.

Route: Roadside parking, Limefitt, track to Hagg Gll, up The Tongue, the mine, Troutbeck back to the car.

Weather and conditions: Hot and Sunny.

Greetings Count: One man on the last stretch.

Richard's Refreshment Review: We had one drink at The Queens Head and then a sandwich at Wilf's Cafe, Staveley.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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