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~The Scafells~

17th October 2009

There are times in the year when my walking opportunites are limited to Saturdays, so it's a great bonus when the skies clear for the end of the week. This was a special day, later awarded "My Walk of the Year" when I reviewed 2009. I parked on the roadside at Wha House and was walking by 08:10....

The Summit of Scafell

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Early On

I kicked off with great anticipation on this fine day and here Bowfell comes into view.

Slight Side comes into view

Me at the top of Slight Side

River Esk

I knew that I would be down there later in the day and was already looking forward to the Upper Eskdale stroll on such a fine day.

Foxes Tarn

Seen mainly by Scafell traversers. It doesn't amount to much, but its a welcome sight for the photographer. It's very steep on the descent down to main drag up to Mickledore.

Path up to Mickledore

It's up again and another 400ft (or so) of climbing to reach Mickledore, where I will meet those on easier Scafell Pike ascent routes.

Unroped Climbers on Broad Stand

You've really got to know what you're doing, or be stupid to attempt this without ropes. The man at the back of the group seemed a little uncertain, maybe he was distracted by the view.


Oh dear, the crowds gather at this meeting of paths. If these numbers were everywhere I chose to go fellwalking, I would take up knitting.

Scafell Pike Summit

This was the least populated view I could find at the summit. Everyone has done well to get here, there are no short-cuts and I suppose if this place is to be as busy as this on all fine days, then maybe we can find peace and quiet somewhere else.


Piers Gill is easy to spot, Lingmell is an easy diverison to walkers on the Corridor Route and the views from its summit are very rewarding.

Looking down Little Narrowcove

My descent route to Upper Eskdale. I don't mind admitting that this route choice was inspired by a walk I found on David Hall's website. It's not an easy way down and I bet it's not much fun ascending on a warm day.

Little Narrowcove

Upper Eskdale

Those with zoom-in vision may be able to pick out Samson's Stones in the distance. When I reached that point, I found mattresses on the floor, how strange. Around the back were adventurers climbing the rocks and using the mattresses as safeguards against falls.

Cam Spout

This photo title is intentionally blank

Esk Falls

Gorgeous, can't put the camera down, territory ....


Lincove Bridge

Looking Back

Coming to the end of a great walk, the latter part of which was remarkably quiet.

Wha House

Well, that's the end of the walk. Little did I know that friends of mine were up on the slopes of Harter fell and they thought they spotted my car leaving the area, they were right.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 8hrs over a distance of approx 12 miles

Route: Wha House, Slight Side, Scafell, Foxes Tarn, Mickledore, Scafell Pike, Little Narrowcove, Upper Eskdale - east side of the river and along the road for a short distance back to Wha House. DH's page (above) shows a very similar route.

Weather and conditions: Ideal, clear skies and not too warm.

Greetings Count: Generally Low, but the Mickledore to Scafell Pike stretch was very busy. In such busy circumstances, walkers tend not to greet each other quite as much - pschycologist please.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Wilf's Cafe at Staveley. I quite often call in here on my out of the Lakes. It is, of course, very good, but now I'm writing web pages, I'll take a closer look at the menu and prices next time and maybe offer a more in-depth opinion. Yeah, Egon, go for it!

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2009 ©