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~Place Fell Sunrise~

2nd June 2009

I've often wanted to see a summer sunrise in the Lake District and better still if it's from the top of a mountain. I pitched my tent at Side Farm and was awake at the right time for an early start....

Sunrise at 04:52

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Dunmallard Hill and Ullswater

I crept out of the campsite, hoping not to wake anyone else. It was fairly quiet on the site as this was a Monday night stopover. Usually I can offer photos from the initial ascent, but on this occasion it was too dark. I found that my eyes adjusted to the poor light very well and the head torch was not needed. The above photo was the first to be taken today and it's timed at 04:18. The summit of Place Fell was a wonderfully lonely place to be at this time, I waited patiently for the sunrise.


After enjoying the sunrise, I headed off towards Angletarn Pikes via Boredale Hause. The following photograph is typical of the kind of scenery I was enjoying.

Hartsop-Above-How leading to the Fairfield Range

Angle Tarn

Angle Tarn and "Wild" Campers

I think I should have stayed longer by the tarn. What a beautiful location to spend the night and look at this reflection in the water!


This scene is close to Satura Crag, the pointed peak is Catstycam..

Gray Crag

The Nab from Rest Dodd Summit


This is their home, I tried to move quietly across to The Nab, which was not difficult as I was on my own and yet to see anyone else.

Rest Dodd from The Nab Summit.

Looking back to The Nab

I'd been walking for nearly 6 hours and was yet to see anyone else. I must admit I was feeling a little jaded after very little sleep the night before, but it was worth it.

Wild Flowers

Steel Knotts can be seen behind the field. I usually see fields like this in Swaledale and I would be heading there in 4 days time, hoping for a similar display.

Boat Journey

The return journey to Glenridding and then Patterdale was on the first boat of the day. A short pleasant walk from the pier to the campsite was a good way to warm down after the main event. Side Farm campsite is hidden behind the trees on the far side of Ullswater/

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 6hrs 30 minutes over about 10 miles

Route: Side Farm, Boredale Hause, Place Fell, Boredale Hause, Angletarn Pikes, Rest Dodd, The Nab, Howtown and the steamer back to Glenridding for a walk to Patterdale and the campsite.

Weather and conditions: Wonderful.

Greetings Count: Minimal, 6 hrs to the first and only"hello" on the main walk.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Plently of water back at the tent. No visits to tearooms or pubs this time.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2009 ©

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