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~Coniston Old Man to Wetherlam~

6th November 2010

I have no way of knowing how many times I've climbed The Old Man of Coniston, but I never tire of an adventure in these fells. Today I joined Simon Eagles and we made an early start from the village and aimed directly for the "Old Man".

Which Top?

Which Summit?

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Miners Bridge

Miners Bridge

We parked in the village and set off at 07:50 and headed for the Youth Hostel, going behind the Black Bull Hotel. Soon enough we are passing the Miners Bridge, no apostrophe - as per AW and OS. We decided not to take the popular route to Low Water, preferring to follow the track up to and past the Youth Hostel.

Coniston Old Man

Coniston Old Man

The first objective, laid bare. The Old Man summit (2633ft) is to the left and Brim Fell (2611ft) is to the right.


It'll be that way then

Coniston Mines

Collapsed Gantry

What will be left here in another 50 years? We are heading for Low Water.

Low Water

Low Water

It's about 800ft of ascent from Low Water to the top of the mountain and not too much trouble in the shade at this time of year.


Wetherlam and a bit of Levers Water



The clear skies are about to yield to advancing cloud from the west. Coniston village and the lake are clearly seen from the summit.

Coniston Coniston
Simon Eagles on top of Coniston Old Man
Me on top of Coniston Old Man


Nobody around to take a photo of us, so this will have to do. As a point of interest, this was my 100th different "Wainwright" summit attained this year. PB.

Dow Crag

Dow Crag

I decided that we could make a round trip including Wetherlam, but not Dow Crag, so this will have to wait for another day.

Brim Fell

Brim Fell Summit

Look carefully and you will see the edge of the advancing cloud.

Swirl How

Towards Swirl How

We continued to Swirl How passing Levers Hause and Great How Crags, pausing briefly before making our way to Great Carrs.

Great Carrs

Great Carrs Summit

Swirl How is on the left, Brim Fell central and Dow Crag to the right. We returned to Swirl How and then down Prison Band to Swirl Hause. From there it was up the other side to Wetherlam.


Summit Hoggers

It's the top of Wetherlam and everyone likes a bit of summit time. I don't think folk should hog the top of mountains like this; Simon and I got no top-time. Maybe a ticket system like in the supermarkets? Maybe him on the left is timing their stay; chappy on the right seems not to know where he is, but really it's quite obvious.

Birk Fell

Birk Fell

The steep descent from Wetherlam to Birk Fell.

Cold Pike

Cold Pike (l) and Pike O'Blisco (r)

A look across at where we were three weeks ago.


The Langdale Pikes

Birk Fell

Birk Fell Summit

Not a "Wainwright", maybe something else, fine viewpoint.

Mining Area

Mining Area

There's lots of evidence of old mines in this area. The quagmire - was this a dammed reservoir at some time in the past?


Walkers on the Bridge

Here we are, crossing Tilberthwaite Gill, handrail kindly taking the photo.



A little sunshine would have livened things up a little. Rain follows in the form of a light shower. We took the road down to the junction and then the bridalway, just off the road back to Coniston. Lots of leaf crunching with views denied by the trees.


Sheep Conference

Black Bull Hotel

Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

We popped in here for a little refreshment.

Walkers: Simon Eagles and Me

Time taken: 7hrs 15m over a distance of approx. 10 miles.

Route: Coniston Village, Youth Hostel, Low Water, Old Man Summit, Brim Fell, Swirl How, Great Carrs, Swirl How, Prison Band, Wetherlam, Birk Fell, Tilberthwaite, Coniston.

Weather and conditions: Bright Sunshine, losing out to advancing clouds and one light shower.

Greetings Count: Just a few folk on the way up the Old Man, further wanderers along the top to Great Carrs. Then lots of folk on the way to Wetherlam and quieting off later on around Tilberthwaite.

Richard's Refreshment Review: A pint of Bluebird, in the home of Bluebird - fantastic - dogs welcome in the Black Bull and there were plenty in there.

Aircraft Wreckage

Remember, Remember the 11th of November

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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