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About Summiteer

~Great Gable~

8th November 2009

Every year on the Sunday closest to Armistice Day, 11th November, there is a service of remembrance at the summit of Great Gable. It's the first time that I've decided to join the walkers heading to this event. I parked at Seatoller NT car park and headed for Seathwaite. The plan was to meet other members of the Online Fellwalking Club at the summit, they were walking from Honister....

Memorial on Great Gable

The Memorial Tablet

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk


Starting Off

This is the tarmac stretch to Seathwaite at 07:30, quite dull and there's a dampness in the air.

Seathwaite Fell

Seathwaite Fell

I'm crossing the bridge and many walkers would climb up beside Sour Milk Gill, but my route would take me along to Taylorgill Force. It's my usual alternative route to the one which goes over Stockley Bridge.

Taylorgill Force

Taylorgill Force

Base Brown Gullies

Base Brown's Gullies

I am a bit of an adventurer, the gullies have often captured my imagination and my own research on the 'net had not revealed any other walkers ascending BB via the gullies. Perhaps this was because BB is just a stepping stone to Green Gable, a once only visit to the fellbaggers; or maybe it's not a safe route. Anyway, I chose the right gully and set off.

Base Brown Gully

Up the Gully

I have to say that this was very hairy. Please don't follow me up this route, the scree is loose and, on my visit, very slippery. This is a dangerous place. It took me a very long time to get up here and I couldn't turn back for safety reasons, I very nearly left my rucksac to lessen the weight and control my stability. Never again.

Green Gable

Procession on Green Gable ascent

Green Gable Summit

Green Gable Summit

Great Gable Crowd

Crowds gathering on Great Gable

Great Gable

David Dimmock and Neil Haslewood

The above photo preceeded the short service and the rest of the photos are after the event.

Great Gable

Jo Hall and Peter Burgess

Green Gable

Green Gable Summit - again

The route back was over Green Gable and away down to Brandreth and Grey Knotts.

Green Gable

Roger shares out the treats



We waited a long time for a little brightness and here it was as we looked down Gillercomb

Buttermere Crummuck Water

Buttermere and Crummock Water

Possibly the best view of the day as the cloud begins to lift and the mountains are revealed.

Great Gable

Great Gable is illuminated


Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike


My friends' vehicles were parked here and Dave offered to give me a lift down to Seatoller. Numpty me left my rucksac in his car, fortunately I got hold of him by mobile phone before he had got out of Keswick, otherwise I'd have had an un-necessary trip into Yorkshire.

Walkers: I started on my own but met up with several other OFC folk, too many to list, but it did include The Hileys and Neil Haslewood.

Time taken: 7hrs over a distance of around 9 miles

Route: Seatoller, Seathwaite, Taylorgill Force, Base Brown, Green Gable, Great Gable, Green Gable, Brandreth, Grey Knotts, Honister.

Weather and conditions: Dull, brightening up late on

Greetings Count: High, solitude seekers keep away.

Richard's Refreshment Review: No report today, journey home was direct. Sorry :-(

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2009 ©