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~Feizor and back~

31st May 2010

May has provided me with a wealth of walking opportunities and this report completes a set of 12 for the month. Feizor is a small hamlet in North Yorkshire and is becomming a more popular destination for one very good reason....



Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk


Settle to Carlisle Railway

Karen and I left Stainforth at about 11:30 and crossed the road to take the short steep road down to Stainforth Bridge.

Ribble at Stainforth

The Ribble at Stainforth

This view is looking North from the bridge, most photographers would offer a view looking South, but that's how it is. A short steep ascent gets us into Little Stainforth.

To Feizor

To Feizor

That's Pen-y-ghent in the background.

Smearsett Scar

Smearsett Scar

The path leads directly to Feizor and the pace quickens as anticipation grows.

Feizor Wood

Feizor Wood

We descend to Feizor; the raison d'ĂȘtre, the purpose of the walk - a visit to Feizor Refreshments, now known as Elaine's Tearooms. I've been before and rate the milky coffee nearly as highly as the version my grannie used to make for me, all those years ago.

Feizor Refreshments

Elaine's Tearooms at Feizor

Well, things have changed a little. Firstly there are more tables now and more staff, I reckon they can accommodate about 60 at the various tables inside and out. The service was as prompt as you might expect on BHM with 80% capacity. The business was nominated in the 2010 Yorkshire Rural Awards (Farm Business) and was "Highly Commended" which is a wonderfully polite way of saying they came 2nd.


Leaving Feizor

Unhelpful Signpost

Less than helpful


Broken Society

Daddy is now separated from Mummy and Baby. Mother is on benefits, which include bigger field and no sheep. Baby doesn't fully understand what's going on; Daddy seems to regret the separation.



We descended down to the small hamlet of Stackhouse and along the path to the river. There is a shortage of water in the river, I wonder what the Foss will look like?


Stackhouse Weir


The River Ribble nr Stackhouse


Wild Garlic

Has anyone ever come across tame garlic?

Stainforth Foss

Stainforth Foss

One week earlier, with temperatures in the high 70's (old money), my son Andrew and his mates made their first visit of the year to this spot and quietly enjoyed the facility, along with a few others. Today it was less busy, but still one or two in the water.


The Ribble

Stainforth Bridge

Stainforth Bridge


Back to Stainforth

Walkers: Karen and Me.

Time taken: 3hrs 40 mins over a distance of about 5 miles.

Route: Stainforth to Little Stainforth and over to Feizor, back via Feizor Thwaite to Stackhouse and up the river to Stainforth.

Weather and conditions: Warm, sunny intervals.

Greetings Count: Understandably high in the Feizor area, quieter on the way out and back.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Elaine's Tearooms, Feizor. One downside - the milky coffee was not quite as good as last time, but everything else was spot on.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 © Leave a comment below if you like, it's quick, free and painless.

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