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~Seat Sandal~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

"Seat Sandal is as simple straightforward fell, uninteresting except as a viewpoint, with no dramatic effects, no hidden surprises." So said Mr.Wainwright. I tend to agree, but I climb mountains as much for the views as anything esle, so Seat Sandal did not disappoint.

Seat Sandal

Seat Sandal from Grasmere

Seat Sandal Seat Sandal
Fairfield from Seat Sandal
Seat Sandal from Fairfield

Opposite Views

The picture on the left shows the very steep ascent of Fairfield, John Paterson is in front of me; on the right Simon B and I are on the way down the steep path - take care!

Seat Sandal

Seat Sandal behind Grisedale Tarn

On fine weekdays, fast jets zoom along this high level pass. Keep the camera handy.

Seat Sandal in Snow

Seat Sandal Summit, December 2014

It may appear that I don't have too much to say about SS, this stems from the lack of interesting features. But, like the photos above, come up here on a fine day and the rewards are generous.

Where: Eastern Access from Dunmail Raise

Height: 2415ft

Suggested Route: Climb up Raise Beck from Dunmail Raise, but bear in mind that if your walk is circular, you may finish the walk with a bit of uphill. Mull it over.

My Frequency: Twice.

Whilst You're There: Fairfield the hard way, or maybe just a walk around Grisedale Tarn.

Someone Else's View: Neil Haslewood's walk of 25th September 2009.

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:

29/12/15 30/05/09

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe©

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