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~Meal Fell~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

Meal Fell is 18th in height out of 24 Northern Fells in Wainwright's Guides. I have the book in front of me as I write this page and I am struggling to find remarkable notes to include or quote from the book. There is no doubt that the fell warrants a chapter and is well worth a visit, but don't expect to come away thrilled by the experience.

Meal Fell

Meal Fell from Great Sca Fell

Meal Fell summit is centre right, with Great Cockup further away. Frozenfell Gill is the channel on the left.

Meal Fell

Meal Fell Summit

The circular wall-shelter offers a place of refuge for the walker battered by strong winds, as I was on my first visit. Further away are Bakestall (with Dead Crags) and Skiddaw - top left.

Meal Fell

Great Sca Fell from Meal Fell

The summit to the left is Little Sca Fell (not a "Wainwright"), straight ahead is Great Sca Fell - easy walking around here.

Frozen Fell

Frozen Fell from Meal Fell

The broad breast of Knott - on the right of this photo - is Frozen Fell and the Frozenfell Gill runs down out-of-sight from the two gullies in the photo.

Where: Northern One of the Back O'Skiddaw fells.

Height: 1770ft or thereabouts.

Suggested Route: Well, I got there from Great Sca Fell, but a direct route would be an option from Longlands, visiting the wonderfully-named Trusmadoor, where birds of prey swoop menacingly.

My Frequency: Three times.

Whilst You're There: Great Sca Fell.

Someone Else's View: David Hall's walk of 29th September 2007.

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