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~Holme Fell~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

One of the most vertically challenged of the Wainwright Fells, this is no giant, you can take grandma with you.

Holme Fell

Holme Fell Summit

I've only been up here twice - on a cool, clear November morning in 2008 and again on beautiful day in May 2018.

Holme Fell

Holme Fell - disused reservoir

Most chapters in Wainwright's books have the map(s) after the paragraphs on "Natural Features". Holme Fell and neighbouring Black Fell are two that have the maps on page 2 and "Natural Features" follow thereafter.

Gary Aimee Holme Fell

May 2018

Holme Fell

Holme Fell from Yew Tree Tarn

AW "It is a characteristic of many of Lakeland's lesser heights that what they lack in elevation they make up in ruggedness ... such a one is Holme Fell ... one of the most attractive of Lakeland's Fells."

Hodge Close is a fascinating place, the big hole has the "wow" factor, especially for young children - keep hold of them!

Where: Southern Fells. It's close to Coniston and not far from Tarn Hows.

Height: 1040ft

Suggested Route: Park at Hodge Close Quarry and, armed with your map and a compass, head for the disused reservoirs. A short walk in a southerly direction will bring you to the summit before very long.

My Frequency: Twice.

Whilst You're There: Black Fell.

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:

14/06/18 01/11/08

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