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~Hartsop above How~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

In Wainwright's words: "Hartsop above How is a simple ridge (really part of Hart Crag) curving like a sickle to enclose the valley of Deepdale on the south and east." In my eyes, it's a great little fell with a very attractive flank on the east, insulated through the warmer months by rich deciduous woodland and also home to an industrial relic. The ridge itself offers a great route up to Fairfield, via Hart Crag.

Hartsop above How

The Summit

From the route to Hart Crag.

Hartsop Above How

Hartsop above How from Hartsop Dodd

The woods have lost their colour in this November photo. Brotherswater serves well as a mirror.


Sykeside Campsite from Hartsop above How

On one occasion I made a very direct ascent via the mine and straight up through brambles and thick vegetation. I won't be doing that again.

Caudale Moor

Caudale Moor from Hartsop above How

Hartsop Above How

Inside the Mine

There is an abandoned mine on the eastern flank. Enter at your own risk. This view is from well within, looking out. I found no obvious dangers other than a low roof, but higher up the hillside is an open, unguarded shaft. The entrance is waterlogged and you will get your feet wet, if you do not take precautions.

Hartsop Above How

from High Hartsop Dodd

On this hazy photo from 4th May 2006, the mining area can be identified.


Hartsop Dodd, Brotherswater and Hartsop above How

An evening walk, photo from the flank of Brock Crags.

Where: Eastern Adjacent to Brotherswater.

Height: 1870ft.

Suggested Route: Wainwright's Hartsop above How 3. If you have a car, park at Cow Bridge car park.

My Frequency: Five times.

Whilst You're There: Hart Crag and Fairfield.

Someone Else's View: Neil Fryer's walk of 7th March 2010, a wintry view

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:

04/05/06 28/06/09 - both on Flickr 18/03/11 06/07/13 13/07/15

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