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~Great Sca Fell~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

Not to be confused with Scafell or Scafell Pike, Great Sca Fell is not "great" in comparison, but as others have observed the fell titles were given for a variety of reasons by a diverse and sometimes unkown group of locals. So it's not surprising that names recur, like High Raise and High Raise or maybe Red Pike and Red Pike.

Great Sca Fell

The Summit

I've struggled a little to find interesting photos of this lonely fell top. I'd been to the top just once when this page was written and the approach on that day was much more interesting than the top. The adventurous approach through Roughton Gill is exciting!

Great Sca Fell

Little (left) and Great Sca Fell (right) from Meal Fell

These are Uldale Fells and reward the seeker of solitude. Some of them also reward the fellwalker who likes to start part way up as the parking spots are quite a way above sea level. As Wainwright points out "The lower summit, Little Sca Fell, is more distinguished having a cairn and a peculiar depression ground around which a low wall has been built.."

Little Sca Fell

Little Sca Fell from Lowthwaite Fell

Well, it's a little indistinct, but LSF is the highest point when viewed from here, up there on the left. Great Sca Fell is just behind and Knott is further away, Meal Fell on the right, under the skyline.

Roughten Gil

Roughton Gill

Follow the Gill right to the summit of Great Sca Fell. Roughton Gill may belong to High Pike in some respects but it's just as much the property of GSF and it's a wonderful place for the explorer.


Binsey - furthest away

This is the view from the top, looking North-West, spot the fellwalker! Let there be no misunderstanding, I'd rather be on "The" Scafells, but this is still a great place to be; the space and time on offer here is priceless.

Great Sca Fell

Me on top of Great Sca Fell, 25th April 2009

Where: Northern What I call Back O'Beyond

Height: 2131ft.

Suggested Route: Wainwright's Great Sca Fell 5, Roughton Gill is the best way but invloves a scramble.

My Frequency: Three times.

Whilst You're There: Knott, perhaps. Or perhaps not, maybe Brae Fell.

Someone Else's View: David Hall's walk of 30th January 2010

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:

22/05/13 31/03/12 25/04/09

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