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~Fleetwith Pike~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

If I had a top 20 Lakeland Fells, Fleetwith Pike might just make it in there. It's got striking visual appeal, it can be seen from all over the Lake District (well nearly) and the view over Buttermere is excellent.

Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike from the road near Gatesgarth

I've climbed FP directly from this side twice and it's quite steep. AW: "The rather intimidating appearance of the ridge should not deter an active walker. From 1000ft upwards there is a succession of little rock steps, but nothing difficult. The view in retrospect is superb. There are no problems of route selection and no risk of going astray. A beautiful climb. Do it!"


Buttermere 08:40 23rd August 2008

From the ascent route as encouraged by Wainwright.

Fleetwith Pike

From Yewcrag Quarries

The Honister Mines were bought by Mark Weir a few years ago and now a commercial enterprise is once again in charge of the mines and all around. Apart from internal mine tours, you can take part in a via ferrata climb up the rock face, roughly along the prominent line you see on the fell. I've done it:

Fleetwith Pike

The Incline

Fleetwith Pike

Climbers on the via ferrata

Nash, the instructor is one the left, otherwise it's four member of the OFC, can you recognise any of them? As a point of interest, Wainwright comments that "the quarry is in use...when the quarry is finally abandoned a new field of exploration will (with care) be available to inquisitive walkers, but in the interim the area of operation must not be entered." His Book Seven was completed in 1965, if he wrote the chapter today, the words would no doubt be different, but I explored the area before Mark Weir arrived and if I'm fit enough, I'll have another look when he's gone! * See below

Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike from Rosthwaite Fell

Where: Western Fells. Dominates the view from Buttermere and quite noticeable from Honister Pass.

Height: 2126ft

Suggested Route: The Ascent from Gatesgarth as described on AW FP6.

My Frequency: Twice to the top and once only as far as "Black Star" - near the top of the via ferrata.

Whilst You're There: Haystacks is an option, as might be Grey Knotts.

Someone Else's View: Terry Gargrave's Flickr site. The appointed photo is half-way through the set, navigate either way to see what Terry and Abbey got up to on a stunning winter's day.

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:


23/08/07 - it's on Flickr

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe©

* I originally put this page on my website on 15th September 2010. Mark Weir was tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 8th March 2011. RIP and may his family take comfort from the many messages of comfort and tribute found elsewhere on the internet.

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