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~Crinkle Crags~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

One of the jewels in Lakeland's Crown. When I was a fledgling fellwalker, I couldn't wait for my turn to walk upon "the" Crinkle Crags - it seems to me to be a "fell" that needs to be qualified by the definate article. Can you think of the others? Anyway, CC has the most appealing skyline from the east and the higher reaches represent an excellent ridge walk. Striking views are all around.

Crinkle Crags

"The" Crinkle Crags

This photo is taken from Cold Pike on a cool October day in 2010. The high point in the distance is Bowfell. If it was "The" Crinkle Crags, then it would be The Crinkle Crags are.... and certainly not The Crinkle Crags is...

Crinkle Crags

Crinkles 2 & 3

The highest point sits on Crinkle 2 and can be reached from this direction via the Bad Step! A personal note, all but one of my walks on the ridge have been from South to North and that's the way I prefer to do it - principally so that the morning sun is behind me, generally better for photos.

Bad Step

The Bad Step

Another reason for the South to North Traverse, you don't want to encounter this on the way down. There are easier ways around the obstruction, but the fun way is to scramble up, on the right-hand side of the gully. Take care, send nervous climbers ahead of you and, if appropriate, give them a shove with a firm hand on the backside.


The Scafells and Bowfell

One of the excellent views from Crinkle Crags. It gets better, culminating in the beautiful aspect of the Scafell peaks from Three Tarns, worth the admission charge alone.


The Scafells from Three Tarns

I took this photo on 28th January 2006 and I must have taken somewhere close to 10,000 photos since then, I don't think there is any other photo that I personally prefer. When I try to recall memorable walks, this one always comes to mind.

Crinkle Crags

Crinkle Crags from Great Langdale

It draws you in, walkers walk faster than ever when starting here; and plod slower than usual on the way back to the car. Don't look back in Langdale! This oasis will wait patiently for your return.

Langdale Valley

and the valley from the ridge

Where: Southern Central in the Southern Fells and 6th in height.

Height: 2816ft.

Suggested Route: From Dungeon Ghyll, via Red Tarn, then South-to-North

My Frequency: Umpteen

Whilst You're There: Bowfell

Someone Else's View: Andrew Leaney's walk 18th March 2006.

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20/08/17 21/03/15 16/10/10 12/12/09

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